Feeling lucky? Our Easter Hunt has kicked off!

With the upcoming Easter Holidays, everyone at ModulesGarden gathers to wish a Happy Easter to our dearest customers. Hoping this special holiday brings everyone a lot of peace, joy and obviously, chocolate. We welcomed the Easter Bunny a little early this year, as he left a little gift for us to share with you. Get your reading glasses ready, our Easter Egg Hunt is back!

Happy Easter Hunt at ModulesGarden

Everybunny can participate, here are the main rules:

🐰 The Easter Bunny hid seven egg-themed hashtags like: #EggceptionalModule, #EggclusiveUpdate in our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.
🐰 The posts have been published in the space of the past few weeks, so make sure to go through them carefully.
🐰 Spot one of the hashtags, and head straight over to our comment section under this post. Once you list one of the hashtags, don’t worry, it won’t count when a different participant submits the same one as you.
🐰 The grand award of a 20% discount for any desired WHMCS module in our Marketplace will be claimed by 7 lucky winners!
🐰 With the hunt ending when all hashtags are discovered – the winners will be contacted and announced on April 13th! You can expect the information about your prize delivered by email.

Our Easter eggs are slowly cracking, so make sure to spot them and drop them below to take something home. Don’t waste any more time and get to reading, if you want to get closer to winning!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Feeling lucky? Our Easter Hunt has kicked off!, 4.9 out of 5 based on 74 ratings

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  1. Bart Connolly

    The egg-themed hashtag is #eggcited !

  2. Businezz

    #Eggspert #EggpenseTracking #eggcited :)

  3. Ivan Moore


  4. Gaye

    #Integgration ;)

  5. Royce BonneHosting

    #Eggpense Tracking

  6. TahiraHost

    I want my #eggstra discount :)

  7. Binksy


  8. As our Easter Egg Hunt has come to an end, it’s time to wrap things up and announce the results. Thank you to all participants – your active involvement made us eager to join in the hunt ourselves!

    You came across the following hashtags:


    Our top priority for this competition was to ensure fairness, and we followed the official hunt rules to select the lucky winners:

    Bart Connolly
    Marco tidu

    Our heartfelt congratulations to all of you!

    Thanks to your eagle eye, the 20% promo codes will soon reach your mailboxes so you can treat yourself to any favorite WHMCS module.

    We would also like to extend our appreciation to everyone else who took part in our grand Easter Hunt. If you didn’t manage to snatch up the prize this time, there is always a chance next year! :)

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