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How to protect your privacy in the 21st century

In the light of World Backup Day, we felt it’s only right to bring awareness to the ongoing issues concerning data loss. We feel the need to share the importance of safeguarding your data and keeping your devices secure.

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Find The Guardian Of Your Data Privacy

The Internet is home to a tempting variety of conveniences, many of which have permanently entered mass consciousness and settled into everyday routines. That same facilities jostling for your rapt attention within the comfy confines of your web browser may, … Continue reading

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Grand Your Data The Gift Of Full Protection!

Whether it is intentional or by accident – the merest click can become a real culprit behind a digital fiasco. A fleeting moment of inattention that turned into a drink spilled on your laptop might also be a potential headache … Continue reading

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Take Care Of Your WHMCS!

You use it every single day. Hundreds of your business undertakings are carried out with the aid of it on a daily basis. The sustained operation of your entire company depends on its seamless performance. So how exactly can you … Continue reading

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Practical Tips To Defend Against DDoS Attacks

Imagine your average day at work. Managing orders, monitoring transactions, providing services, just as usual… but then, out of nowhere, your website has just disappeared and all orders and services have gone down. If something like this happens to you, … Continue reading

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More Security? Yes Please!

A month ago we introduced a brand new new licensing system to increase the security and stability of our modules. That was just the beginning of the internal improvements in our company. The next step is making sure that your … Continue reading

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Improvements Of Security And Stability

A couple of days ago we dealt with a huge DDoS attack which caused downtime of our website and breakdown of our licensing system. As soon as we to stood on our own feet, we begun working on entirely new … Continue reading

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