More Security? Yes Please!

A month ago we introduced a brand new new licensing system to increase the security and stability of our modules. That was just the beginning of the internal improvements in our company. The next step is making sure that your valuable data are perfectly safe.

Recently we have added a completely new functionality to all of our ticket’s submitting forms. This is a nice, green field with ‘Secure Message’ title.

ModulesGarden Support - Secure Message
All data filled in that field are additionally encrypted and stored on a secured server. In this way, your confidential data, like access details to your system, will be even safer than before.

Do not hesitate to make good use of this attribute! ;)

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More Security? Yes Please!, 4.9 out of 5 based on 59 ratings
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  1. Peter

    It would be nice if this comes available as a module!

  2. The obvious question for me is: When can we get this as a product? ;-)
    Can you shed some light on how the encryption is working?

  3. Unfortunately, the way it works must remain a secret at the moment, but we will consider releasing this as an official product :)

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