Improvements Of Security And Stability

A couple of days ago we dealt with a huge DDoS attack which caused downtime of our website and breakdown of our licensing system. As soon as we to stood on our own feet, we begun working on entirely new solution that was supposed to drastically improve the security and stability of our services, especially the modules.

And so it happened. Today we finished the first phase of the plan through reorganising our whole server and network structure, and applying security improvements. That will result in minimization the risk of downtimes and interruptions in the delivery of services. But most importantly, we finished the massive update of all the modules to implement a far better license verification mechanisms. In this way, even if the licensing servers are down, the proper work of your modules will not be interrupted.

To benefit from the mentioned improvements you will need to upgrade your modules. To do so, simply log in to our client area, download the latest versions released today (29.08.2014) and follow this simple instruction.

Please note, that you do not have to update the modules, but it is highly recommended.  In case you do not update your modules, we can not guarantee you the adequate stability at the time of serious server failures. However, they will work correctly. The decision belongs to you but we are convinced that there is no reason to postpone this task.

Soon, we will implement additional improvements like for example secure message system into our ticket system. It will further enhance the safety of your valuable data provided in the tickets. We will keep you posted.

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  1. Greg

    Is there any way to force a license check? Also, is there a list of IPs or hostnames that one should add to their firewall?


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