What Can We Develop For You?

Commonly available systems and web applications are very often not suitable for an immediate deployment in your company. Out of the box software will not always meet your expectations in 100%. However this is not the end of the world because each software can be modified and adjusted to your business needs.

Software tailored to your business needs

And here ModulesGarden moves in. We can help you adjust CMS or any kind of web hosting and eCommerce related software to your specific needs. But this is just the tip of the iceberg and only a little piece of the big cake that we can bake for you!

Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create an adequate addon, an entirely new module or even a complete system. We can advise how to solve your problems and propose an optimal solution for your business. Our Team composed of experts will always find the way to help you achieve your goals.

We develop software for:

  • Web hosting systems
  • Control panels
  • Web applications
  • Billing solutions
  • Servers management
  • Cloud management
  • Data center management
  • User management
  • Support/help desk solutions
  • Data sharing systems
  • eCommerce platforms
  • CMS
  • Telco
  • ISP

 We offer everything you need:

  • Web hosting control panels improvements (e.g. 3rd party integrations, advanced management plugins for admins and clients)
  • eCommerce modules & modifications (e.g. payment gateways, management modules, frontend/backend logic modification, 3rd party integrations)
  • CMS modules & modifications (e.g. management modules & improvements, hooks, 3rd party integrations)
  • Complex solutions and multilevel integrations (e.g. between data centers/servers/cloud management and billing/support/user management solutions)
  • Full-featured, complex systems mostly related with web hosting and eCommerce

Examples of what we can do for you:

  • Multilevel reseller platform for WHMCS
  • Multiple method payment gateway for Magento
  • Advanced privileges management for WHMCS
  • VoIP provisioning over 4PSA
  • Zendesk/Freshdesk integration for Blesta
  • Inventory management plugin for WHMCS
  • Complex management modules dedicated for cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk
  • Switches/PDU control for WHMCS
  • Sales and cart improvements for Magento
  • Custom standalone reseller system
  • APS package of your web application
  • Extensions & plugins for Magento, Shopify and PrestaShop
  • Solutions for OnApp
  • Customized CRM solution

Something even more interesting:

  • Advanced hosting provisioning modules (e.g. VMware, OpenStack, DigitalOcean)
  • Domain/payment/addon modules
  • Usage billing integrations – Pay As You Go implementation (e.g. OpenStack, VMware Chargeback, VoIP)
  • Dedicated/virtual servers management improvements (e.g. Customized solutions for inventory/asset management, DCIM, usage billing, switch ports management, PDU integration)
  • Domain registrar system based on chosen platform
  • Brand new web applications, control panels, systems and platforms

These are just examples and general outlines of what we can offer you. We are open for any project ideas and challenges because nothing is impossible for ModulesGarden.

Just let us know what you need and we will make this for you – quickly, capably and with full professionalism.

Learn more detailed information about our custom software development offer:

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Create your custom software development request here and find out more!

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  1. Hi, We also own a credit card processing company and right now we have a module to call our Merchant Services gateway but, the card are still being stored in WHMCS encrypted. We are look for a price quote to update the module to tokenize this process. The gateway supports tokenization and add and removing of customer information associated with the token. We just need our module updated to store and charge the token instead of cards.


  2. Michael Castro

    Hi we are interested in a registrar module for CIRA. We currently use a custom module but it has its flaws. CIRA follows EPP protocols so I think it is not too difficult.

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