Grand Your Data The Gift Of Full Protection!

Whether it is intentional or by accident – the merest click can become a real culprit behind a digital fiasco. A fleeting moment of inattention that turned into a drink spilled on your laptop might also be a potential headache of your data being gone beyond retrieval. These, alongside the other types of risks are counted in thousands in today’s electronic-based reality, but they all can be averted successfully by following one good practice – a solid strategy of making regular data backups.

In honor of World Backup Day that falls on March 31st, we wish to share with you our winning formula for maintaining foolproof data protection.

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What you should do in the first place is realize that it is not just computers that serve as a data repository anymore. These are also smartphones, tablets and plenty of different devices in everyday use that store huge amounts of information, the loss of which might turn out severely damaging to either your personal or business sphere (or both!). It is therefore of utmost importance to think ahead and ensure the perfect safety of documents, photos, videos, emails and absolutely anything of digital kind that you value.

So how exactly can you prepare for the unexpected? A whole myriad of options exists for you to protect your files against any loss. The more of these methods you introduce to your usual routine, the smaller the risk of ever suffering the trauma of data disappearance will be.

Simply put, a backup is an exact copy of your intangible valuables. Instead of keeping them all in a single place, you store a separate copy of each file somewhere safe. Conventional wisdom has it that your digital content can be utterly secured upon the adoption of the backup rule of three, also known as the 3-2-1 rule:

  1. Have at least 3 copies of your data (i.e. two backup files in addition to the original content).
  2. Store the backups on 2 different media types (such as USB drives, optical media, SD-cards, external and internal hard drives, etc.).
  3. Keep 1 backup off-site (ensure that the copies are saved on physically separated devices – the farther the better!).

Take some time to cruise through different backup mechanisms and alternative solutions like this one, to decide which approach suits you and your clients the most. Regardless of your choice, keep in mind: it is not just about backups, it is about your personal well-being and business continuity!

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