87% Of Our Clients Come Back With More Projects!

Customer satisfaction is built with various factors such as the quality of the product, the highest standard of the service provided, their price and several more. In other words, it is the degree of comfort that derives from the products or services of a company measured by the number of repeat customers. For ModulesGarden, the high threshold of customer satisfaction is the most imperative of goals to reach and our primary mission.

Nearly 9 out of 10 customers who entrusted us with their custom software development projects come back for more! But you do not need to take our word for it. See for yourself what our clients say about our services:

“It runs like a charm. Thanks a million for all the hard work.

I want to thank you, your team and Artur for your patience and tenacity in getting this one done. I will surely be back for more either off the shelf or custom work.”

Gert – June 2016

We are delighted to hear that, Gert. Please visit us again!

“Works great and looking good. Thank you very much!”

Mike – May 2016

Design is no less important than functionality. Not only does it work perfectly, but it looks really good. No, we thank you, Mike!

“Working with ModulesGarden was a great experience and a very professional one. The understanding of requirements was perfect, the implementation was super efficient, and I must say I love the platform you have to track the status of the project as it saves so much time; instead of going back and forth with emails to check the progress, I simply log in to the account and I have full view of what’s going on.

In brief, ModulesGarden is highly recommended and it changes the whole perspective about how outsourced development can be a dreadful experience.”

Shaher – June 2016

Your comment has left us speechless. It is not everyday that we receive such a hearty recommendation.

“This looks great! This modification is all set, no further changes will be required. Thank you for a great job.”

Tom – May 2016

Wonderful! Nothing else gives wings to our team like a well done and prized job.

“For me the project is perfect!”

Manuel – April 2016

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Many thanks, Manuel!

Our module is complete and working very well indeed. I am very happy with how the process went. All correspondence and development work was great and the results have been fantastic – thank you to you and your team for your excellent work. I could not have asked for it to go any better, it really was superb!

Gavin – June 2016

Thank you for your words of appreciation! We make every effort to provide our customers with the services of the highest quality – from collecting information about a project, through development, to communication and support.

“They have tested again and everything seems to work as you have explained. The client is very happy with how this was coded for them.”

Tim – February 2016

Solid qualifications and vast technical expertise of our team are the basis of ModulesGarden. Our programmers are not afraid of any challenges!

 ”You are a king!”

Carmen – June 2016

Very kind of you Carmen, but the crown should belong to you – our dear customers. We could not have wished for better partners in our common journey. Thank you for putting your trust in ModulesGarden!

Make Your Project Next!

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87% Of Our Clients Come Back With More Projects!, 4.9 out of 5 based on 42 ratings
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  1. The nice thing is, the customization will not be noticed by any of our customers. Seamless integration. And thus all the more by our system admins who have a lot less manual fulfillment work to do.
    Just the way it is supposed to be.

  2. Mark W.

    I can confirm that. Already had three projects with MG and everything went smoothly, especially custom WHMCS addon and cPanel modification.

    Cheers guys! I will contact you again by the end of Q3.

  3. Steven

    Hey, I want to put in my two cents’ worth too! I simply admire your work guys!

    I had dubious pleasure to outsource my project to several other software development companies before I found you. To make a long story short: none of them finished it in at least a satisfactory manner… unlike you.

    Guys from ModulesGarden knew exactly what to do and how it should be done, they even gave me several valuable advices regarding my business and assisted me all the way through the software deployment. I highly recommend them!

    • Ashley

      +1 from me Steven

      I also tried to outsource development of my modules to other more or less popular companies that “specialize” in WHMCS etc. It turned out to be a complete disaster.

      Then I found ModulesGarden so my story finished with a happy ending. I just told them what needs to be done in a few quick emails and they just did the rest for me.

  4. Frank

    Cheers to Maciej and Paweł!

    Really good job with my website and WHMCS module. Keep it up!

  5. Antoine

    True story! I got two of my projects developed by ModulesGarden and I’m really happy with the result and their personal approach to each case. They really want to help you out. What was quite surprising to me, they presented me three different ways of solving my problem but they didn’t recommend me the most expensive ones! They really could’ve convinced me to pay more in that moment, but they didn’t!

    • David

      Exactly, I love how you guys care about each project and you suggest the best possible solution to achieve my goals. Even if sometimes your ideas are slightly different from mine (after I explain you what I need), you still undertake the impossible – to convince me to develop the project a little bit differently :) After several successfully accomplished projects I admit that you are always right there and your alterations to my initial concept always turn out to be 100% right. After all you are the expert here, not me. It is great that there is a developer out there who not only create what customers need but above all you make it as dope as possible :) David

  6. Ahmad

    Good programmers and good modules! ModulesGarden is my only choice for custom modifications of my system.

  7. Juan Carrillo

    Nice to see so many comments about you. I am happy of your success and that I participated in it. Thanks to Modulesgarden modifications my offer attracts much more customers than before. I got full return on investment within a couple of months and my business rocks now!

  8. Thank you so much for all the comments! You are always welcome.

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