Time for Easter brain-twister!

Sending you joyful hugs on this delightful time of the year! May the miracle of Easter bring you love that opens up horizons, contentment that feels restful and fueling, and enough happiness to last a lifetime. Thank you for creating this special place called ModulesGarden with us every day!

Spread your holiday cheer with our eggstra fun contest at ModulesGarden!Easter is around the corner to remind us what’s most important in life – spending time close to the people whose presence we treasure the most. So, before we get completely swept away in the pre-Easter bustle with family and friends, we have a special Easter treat in store for all those who we, as ModulesGarden, care about most deeply. We are talking about you, our wonderful customers! Let’s take advantage of this special moment to take a breather, take the burden of everyday chores away for a moment, and engage in some light and enjoyable entertainment with even more enjoyable prizes guaranteed! Here’s a few simple steps to take:

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  1. Light Speed

    This is very egg-citing that I can win a 25% promotional code. I am going to egg-splore all of the egg-stra special whmcs products. I egg-spect that this is eggs-actly what I need. You can try to egg-nore all of these Easter words, but it would be an egg-ercise in futility. Honestly, this is egg-hausting. I’m not egg-aggerating. There is no egg-scuse for so many Easter words. Egg-cept I really want that egg-splosive discount!

  2. Norm Dale

    Happy eggster!

  3. Gregorius Manolelis

    My name’s Gregg, and I wish you all the best for the holidays! :-)

  4. Joann Frey

    What an egg-straordinary way of celberating easter!

  5. JJ Chapman

    cPanel EGGstended for WHMCS is a module that I would love to have!

  6. Letitia PureHost

    Don’t make me begg for that amazing 25% discount! :D

  7. Garcia.BC

    Another Eggtastic chance to get hand on those cool modules !

    Thanks for the offer!

  8. However much fun we had and however much we wish our joyful Easter Contest had lasted longer, we are hereby officially closing submissions and moving smoothly to the moment most fervently anticipated by all participants – the announcement of the results!

    The huge 25% promo code goes to…
    🐣 Light Speed
    🐣 Robert Appleton
    🐣 Garcia.BC

    As promised, all other contestants are just as warmly invited to peek into their mailboxes to find a well-deserved reward for their creativity – the personal 15% discount to be used on absolutely any single from our vast range of modules!

    Thank you for celebrating Easter with us, and congratulations on your winnings!

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