Trick or Treat!

Fancifully carved out jack-o’-lanterns and skeleton-like figures scattered around the whole yard, hordes of kids in zombie, ghost, and superhero costumes going door to door in the hunt for candies, adults throwing theme parties. We all love the Halloween tradition, but let us be honest – the pattern tends to keep repeating itself every year, isn’t it? So, is there anything about this one of the most awaited for celebrations of the year that can still take you by surprise? We bet there is! More – we personally will see to it that this year’s Halloween is unforgettable experience for all of you!

Let us start with some warm-up to bring you in the Halloween mood and get you mentally ready for the spine-tingling treat we have put in store for you!

Did you know that:

  • shelters will not allow you to adopt a cat around the Halloween season (in case you may get the idea to harm the poor animal),

  • Halloween is not as American as people might think – it originated in Europe, in the Celtic culture area,

  • Celts were dressing up as apparitions to mingle with the dead supposedly freely walking the earth on this particular day of the year as far back as 4000 BC,

  • even 93% of children go trick-or-treating every year,

  • pumpkins come not only in many shapes and sizes, but colors as well – green, gray, red, and even white,

  • as much as 86% of Americans decorate their houses in celebration of Halloween,

  • the fear of Halloween has its own name – Samhainophobia (from the original Celtic festival called ‘Samhain’),

  • Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas?

We hope that at least some of these trivia facts left you open-mouthed and let you feel this mystical energy of the Halloween vibe flow right through you!

Now getting down to your favorite part!

No Halloween celebration can do without a fully-fledged trick-or-treat. And it so happens that ModulesGarden is an exceptionally generous host this year! But, there is one more thing before we move on to the sweets – did you know that people once had to put on some kind of a show to earn a treat? No worries, you will not have to send us a video of you dancing Samba in front of the camera! All we want you to do is join our SPOOKTACULAR CONTEST!

The rules are dead simple – study carefully the question, leave your answer in the comments section below and… win!

How many modules from our Marketplace have undergone at least 15 and more updates?

If the sheer simplicity of the form has not convinced you enough to join up this juicy little contest of ours, the rewards certainly will!

75% discount on any module from the Marketplace for the first participant to give the correct (or the most accurate answer)
25% discount on any module from the Marketplace for the next five participants to give the correct (or the most accurate answer)
attractive consolation prize for all less fortunate participants

We are waiting for your replies until 5th November inclusive! The results will be announced on 6th November, around 9:00AM (CET Timezone).

Please note that all offered discounts are not applicable to open source version of the products, and cannot be combined with other special promotions.

If you are a bargain-seeker interested in bolstering your WHMCS platform with a fresh module without throwing money around, or just an adrenaline-thirsty adventurer, this is the occasion you have been waiting for! Good luck to all of you!

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  1. Pat

    15 is a lot, but then again, you guys have a lot of modules!! My answer is 10!

  2. There are 23 of them, all WHMCS modules.

    Advanced Billing For WHMCS has 48 updates, the most out of all modules :)

  3. Eve Brown

    Looking at your Marketplace, it must be some big number. I’ll go for 19.

  4. Andrew Mathews

    I am going to say 17

  5. Nathan

    I would say 9 has had 15 or more updates?

  6. David W.

    21 modules have undergone at least 15 updates (not including initial versions) :-)

  7. the total number of modules contained in the marketplace with an update number of at least 15 or more is….. 25 Modules.

    with the following module details :
    Hosting Renewals For WHMCS (15 Updates)
    OpenStack VPS For WHMCS (15 Updates)
    Password Manager For WHMCS (15 Updates)
    Zimbra Email For WHMCS (15 Updates)
    Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS (16 Updates)
    SolusVM Extended Cloud For WHMCS (17 Updates)
    Zendesk For WHMCS (17 Updates)
    DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS (18 Updates)
    Virtuozzo VPS For WHMCS (18 Updates)
    Domains Reseller For WHMCS (19 Updates)
    Unban Center For WHMCS (20 Updates)
    Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS (21 Updates)
    IP Manager For WHMCS (25 Updates)
    Resellers Center For WHMCS (25 Updates)
    GoDaddy Domain Registrar For WHMCS (26 Updates)
    Plesk Extended For WHMCS (26 Updates)
    Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS (26 Updates)
    SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS (27 Updates)
    cPanel Extended For WHMCS (28 Updates)
    SMS Center For WHMCS (28 Updates)
    CRM For WHMCS (31 Updates)
    Multibrand For WHMCS (33 Updates)
    Proxmox VPS For WHMCS (37 Updates)
    DNS Manager For WHMCS (42 Updates)
    Advanced Billing For WHMCS (48 Updates)

  8. I’m going with Garry here, 25! Did get me to look at a bunch of modules though, didn’t find many that had 15 or more updates. But as noted, there is a scary number of products to go through. I got my eye on the Report Generator for WHMCS!!!

  9. Uwe

    I also come to 25

  10. Mostafa Janghorban


  11. Dan

    I am going to low ball and say…. 15 ;)

  12. Thank you all for joining in our contest and celebrating this year’s Halloween with us! :)

    The exact answer to our question is: 25!

    Now, moving to the best part you have all been waiting for – the winners! Our top prizes go to:

    75% – Ron Williams
    25% – Richard Thai
    25% – Denis
    25% – Garry Lynecker
    25% – Tibor Barta
    25% – Radek

    Congratulations to the lucky winners! We will send you the promo codes via email very shortly.

    Do not see your name on the above list? No worries – you will receive your promised consolation prize in the form of a 10% discount anyhow. Be on the lookout for the email!

    Stay tuned for more occasions like this!

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