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You may be wondering why we changed our logo or why we updated our website significantly. There are several good reasons, but one of the most important is a new direction to which ModulesGarden will move towards.

We are well-known from our software solutions connected with WHMCS and we are proud of our collaboration with the WHMCS. We will certainly continue to grow in this direction.

In parallel we will offer our services to the eCommerce industry. Since very beginning of ModulesGarden’s existence we have been offering custom software development services for eCommerce platforms like Magento or PrestaShop. These a few years of experience let us confirm ourselves in the belief that we can proceed with our offer to the next level.

Therefore we introduced ModulesGarden Dedicated eCommerce Team consisting of our most skilled and experienced developers who will help you customize and extend the functionality of your online store. We can create for you any custom extension/module/plugin/script/theme as well as integrate your design and even install & configure an eCommerce platform for you. Our main target is Magento, Shopify and PrestaShop but we offer our services for other solutions too. We also started creating our official extensions for Magento. Soon you will see much more of them on our website.

Broadening of our offer for dedicated software development for eCommerce solutions like Magento does not mean abandoning our existing business path related to hosting software. Very soon you will hear more about our next modules and services for WHMCS and other web applications.

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  1. Emma

    Nice to hear about your company and it’s e-commerce development related achievements. Great information shared and hope you will achieve your goal in near future.

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