Innovate your WHMCS with Tailored Recurring Contracts!

In the context of contemporary trends fueled by all things digital, flexibility has grown to be considered one of the most crucial factors contributing vastly to your company’s overall well-being. In other words, the ultimate success of your business actions depends, among other things obviously, on your readiness to adjust their course to the constantly changing needs of your customers. One aspect in which this kind of adaptability is particularly vital is your financial management strategy.

In case you have doubts whether the methods you once applied meet the standards of the flexible approach, our Recurring Contract Billing For WHMCS with its fully refreshed toolkit is surely worth being looked into. Before we proceed to the novelties of the momentous 2.0 release, let us probe into the question of how the module provides the opportunity for customization, control, and convenience in managing contracts and billing processes.

Why do I need this module?

Recurring Contract Billing For WHMCS allows you to offer your services through fixed-term contracts, giving you the ability to define their duration according to your specific needs and tailor them to extremely varied market demands.

By better responding to your customers preferences as to the billing cycles and contract terms, you increase the business potential of any interaction you enter – all in all, consumer satisfaction never fails to play a significant part in the process of turning a prospective client into an actual one. But the module’s capacity for flexibility reaches far beyond what is typically regarded as standard. Let’s take the customer-oriented possibility of creating contracts in multiple languages, and with discount options – what else could better serve the goal of catering to nationally diverse audiences and encouraging repeat business?

Recurring Contract Billing For WHMCS 2.0 - Admin Area

Recurring Contract Billing For WHMCS 2.0 – Admin Area

We don’t mind extending our exploration even further: contract confirmation that can be done within a click by means of a link that customers receive right into their inboxes? Check. Sending email notifications to get them up to speed when it comes to expiration dates or renewal options? On board.

Recurring Contract Billing For WHMCS 2.0 - Client Area

Recurring Contract Billing For WHMCS 2.0 – Client Area

Entering the 2.0 Era

Within the scope of measures aimed at the launch of chapter 2.0, we have utilized maximum efforts to revamp the visual and functional aspects of the user interface, both in the client and admin area. Thanks to refreshing the design aesthetics and switching to an improved framework, we have expanded the module’s responsiveness and intuitiveness, making a vast investment in enhancing the way you interact with the tool on a wide range of levels. But there’s more to it! Aside from WHMCS V8.10 support, Recurring Contract Billing For WHMCS 2.0 brings:

1. Integration with two additional electronic signature types

Both SignNow and Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign) empower users to streamline document workflows, by facilitating online signing directly within the WHMCS system and speeding up transaction times.

2. The intuitive “Translations” section

This tool allows truly effortless customization of language files directly from the addon interface, with no need to handle the intricacies of manually modifying any file contents. All for the benefit of customers whose comfort during navigating through your WHMCS depends hugely on whether the information is displayed in the language they are fluent in.

3. Advanced log management features

To guarantee that the module delivers the exact insights you are looking for, version 2.0 lets you specify which types of logs should be recorded and automatically delete logs after a specified period.

We did it! We have found a way of reshaping the billing system so that it can help you carve new channels of successful communication with your customers. Recurring Contract Billing For WHMCS 2.0 is for sure the companion to be taken on the business development journey. Ask yourself: why not take it on board right now, at a price lowered by 20%?

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