Your Free SMS Gateway Integration For Grabs!

If you are reading this, then you already know how important swift communication is in maintaining excellent rapport with your customers. Instead, we wish to show you a very easy and budget-friendly way to customize SMS Center For WHMCS so that it will fit your business needs in every possible aspect.

Would you like to keep in constant touch with both your audience and staff, but the module does not support your preferred SMS gateway? That will not be a problem any more because today we are starting with a very rare promotion never attempted before here at ModulesGarden.

Contact us via ticket and exclusively for you we will integrate any SMS gateway you request to SMS Center For WHMCS.

Within two weeks max, and free of any cost!

All it takes to push the wheels of your customized solution into motion is to obtain the SMS Center For WHMCS module from our Marketplace at any time during the promotion. Simple as that!

Get Tailored For Customer Success!

If you are looking for a hidden catch because the bargain sounds almost too good to be true – there is really none. Come and see for yourself!

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Your Free SMS Gateway Integration For Grabs!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 35 ratings

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  1. Albert

    Wow. Thats sounds great!

    • Mihai

      Hello, can this module insert the reply form an SMS in Admin Notes for that client that you have send the email?

    • Hi Mihai, SMS Center For WHMCS does not support incoming messages from clients, therefore such an option is currently unavailable.

      If you would like to discuss the module’s functionalities further with our advisors, you can reach them directly by using this convenient ticket form.

  2. JN

    Is there any ability to receive a text from a client, and have it create a ticket? And then replies to the ticket be sent via SMS?

  3. Jiqiren

    Hello, how to get the module?

    • Hi Muhammad,

      Great to see that our offer caught your interest! Should you need this specific SMS gateway integrated into the module, please contact our advisors through this convenient ticket form and describe exactly what you are seeking – we will brainstorm the ideas and provide you with such a personalized tool for free!

  4. How can i get module to operate this sms center ? I want to use it for my office.

    • Hello! It is great to hear that you found our SMS Center For WHMCS module well worth your attention. You are more than welcome to easily acquire it on our Product Marketplace within just a few simple steps. If you need any further assistance with completing your order, open a ticket to our Product Pre-Sales Department and we will happily guide you through the whole process in the smoothest manner possible.

  5. Mohamed

    I’m looking to have RouteSMS & RouteMobile Gateways supported

  6. Sumit kumar

    please enable (Indian company) sms gateway then i buy your sms modules.

  7. Manuel

    this its not true, i have one company of sms sender and i contact the modules to offer our services for have one provider and they said for that i need buy the module……

  8. Hello. I bay this module if you add get and post method gateway app. thx

  9. Naif Alsaeidan

    I need this module for whmcs , but my sms gateway company not included

    If U can integrated … I will thanksfull for U

    U’ll power company

  10. Narayan

    we found any indian sms gateway , there is text local but this for based on uk , indian sms gateway not supported , if you any one please reply

    • Hello,
      Don’t worry as you can still use the above mentioned promotion and buy the module to have us implement any gateway of your choice completely free of charge! Your timing could not be better as SMS Center For WHMCS is part of the Top 10 section and can be yours at a 10% discount just until tomorrow!

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