20,000 Customers Trusted ModulesGarden!

Seven years ago we had a clear-set vision of what type of company we wanted to be. A company which would leave an everlasting impact on the web hosting industry through setting new trends, shaping mindsets, and fostering innovation. And ever since then we have been on a mission to help companies worldwide live up to excellence in every possible dimension. It is therefore an unspeakable pleasure to announce that after years of steady growth, we have welcomed over 20,000 business customers to the ModulesGarden family! Taking this exceptional occasion, we wanted most of all to express how honored we are for your gracious patronage.

By combining our own intense efforts and cutting-edge technology with your continued support, day by day we make small changes that will ripple through the web hosting landscape for many generations to come. Among the numerous accomplishments we boast of the most is our sizable collection of ready-made WHMCS modules (over 100 products), and custom software development projects that let thousands of businesses spread their wings with a whole new level of confidence. Following the voice of our customers, we have also remolded one of our prime services so as to reflect more the flexible nature of modern enterprises. Developer Outsourcing, the fruit of these endeavors, is an absolute novelty in our offer focused on providing assorted development services and technical support to even the most perfection-oriented clients.

We are overwhelmed with pride to have such loyal, understanding, and inspiring customers as you. While it is by no means original of us to say that you are the very lifeblood of ModulesGarden, all the things we can still achieve together in the future certainly are unique! Hope you look forward to all these exciting developments just as strongly as we do!

ModulesGarden Reached 20,000 Happy Customers

All that being said, let us not forget why we are really here. As you played a pivotal role in helping us reach such a memorable milestone, this is your celebration more than anyone else′s. For this reason, please accept from the ever-grateful ModulesGarden team a thank you gift most suited to this occasion!

Welcome with open arms a gigantic 33% discount applicable to every single product in the annual license available on our Product Marketplace.

Promo Code: 20K33%

Plan much bigger? Like the open source kind of bigger? We have something special for you, too! Choose whatever product in the decoded version you desire and we will reduce its price by as much as 11%!

Promo Code: 20K11%OS

Simply copy the code you wish to apply and paste it into the ‘Promo Code’ box while placing an order. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Now the best news of all! Both bargains offered above can be combined with other active promotions on our website including Deal Of The Week, Deal Of The Day, or a bulk discount, which only means your can drive your savings to sky-high levels. Be sure to squeeze out as much as you can from the promotion before the end of 10th September 2018!

Ready to give in to the shopping frenzy?

Pick what you want & pay less!

And how would you describe partnering with ModulesGarden? Is there any aspect of this ongoing cooperation in particular that fills you with joy, satisfaction, or motivation? Please feel free to share all your remarks in the comments section below!

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  1. Daniel

    Will this be a recurring discount (each year in Future) ?

    • Unfortunately, both the 33% and the 11% discount are applied only once, but there is really no need to worry! You will surely have plenty of other equally fantastic opportunities to magnify your savings on the future purchases! :)

  2. James

    Related to Daniels comment it is a shame that this does not reply to the next year as I have realized that while it’s great you are now offering these huge discounts to modules which encourages people to buy more of them – I have realised that when the 12 months is up I am going to get a pretty big bill.

    Maybe you guys could look at something like a loyalty discount that increases year on year that you keep the module? Jetbrains who your Devs probably already use the products do this when you renew as you get a discount to keep the licence for another year.

    Another option; why not allow people to pay for multiple years when they first buy? Then you could either discount the 2nd and 3rd year a bit OR allow people to use a voucher on these bigger plans which would again increase your sales values and keep client relationships longer which is also extremely valuable!

  3. James

    Just to add to that comment – if a module hasn’t made much money or the value hasn’t really been worth it for a feature we will likely drop it and not renew – being offered a reasonable discount to renew it would likely convince most people to stick with it as the investment is less of a risk and allow another 12 months to allow it to start covering its value too

  4. Many thanks James for having your say on our promotions, your feedback will be certainly taken into further consideration.

    The discounts we offer in this particular promotion might be applicable only once, but that definitely does not mean that we leave our loyal supporters empty-handed – not by a long shot! There is a whole gamut of discounts you are free to take advantage of all year round, including those dedicated explicitly to the reduction of renewal costs.

    You need to look no further than at the checkout – there are plenty of discounts to choose from and you do not even have to handle them manually. A multi-level discount for the purchase of several modules at once, deals of the day and week, assorted discounts related to specific product bundles, and more – they all are applied automatically to your order!

    Although they are not automated yet, we also do allow for discounted offers arranged specially for those from our clients who are interested in paying for multiple years in advance. All you need to do is contact us!

    As a matter of fact, all customers can always feel welcome to reach our Product Pre-Sales Department and openly discuss their expectations so as to work out a satisfactory deal. Let’s talk!

  5. we are happy to be part of modulegarden clients, we are using 5 modules from them.
    we highly recommend

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