Out with the old, in with the new!

With 2019 slowly drawing to a close, most of us take their time to reflect on what the past year has brought to them and make plans for the one approaching. Some might ask though, why even care to make such summaries? At ModulesGarden we believe that it is essential to look from a distance at what we have achieved during the previous year, assess the value of our undertakings, and most importantly – learn our lesson and draw conclusions for the future. Because it is our primary goal to never stop improving for you!

Before we proceed to this somewhat sentimental retrospection, we could not leave you, our dear clients, without warmest wishes straight from our hearts of all the best in this upcoming year. No amount of words can describe the sheer pleasure that we derived from assisting you in your business pursuits throughout 2019. Today the perfect moment has come to uncork a bottle of the finest champagne and celebrate our relationship so far – may the long-lasting prosperity fill up your life and all your undertakings always turn out successful!

New Year wishes from the ModulesGarden team

Now let us invite you to keep us company as we look back upon the past twelve months on the ModulesGarden timeline. This year was definitely one for the books!

  • Additionally, after months of intense work in response to quite a huge demand for such a solution, we delivered to your hands the most comprehensive Polish translation of the entire WHMCS system – word after word, over 7800 carefully researched, translated and tested phrases were brought to life by our team of most adept language specialists.
  • Overall number of released module updates hit 264. In the presence of such a titanic amount, it is needless to say that our team of developers certainly worked like a Trojan!
  • Due to the announcement of a newly developing, all-in-one billing solution for AWS designed specifically for WHMCS, several dozen of managed AWS providers joined its early beta testing. Look out because the idea of managing your customer billing and tracing income from your AWS services using but a single control panel is soon to be rendered official!
  • The ModulesGarden family welcomed nearly 3500 new clients who for the first time placed their confidence in our products and services.
  • Almost 100 favorable reviews popped up on our Marketplace, received from customers satisfied with the extensive functionality of our modules and their quality being kept on the highest level.
  • The number of custom projects developed by our team throughout the entire year exceeded 250.
  • Our Support Team can boast themselves with over 13 000 resolved tickets.
  • At the very final moments of 2019 we have united powers with our friends at RS Studio to bring into existence a software solution anticipated with bated breath by many of you – One Step Checkout For WHMCS will come into force early in the upcoming year so you had better keep your ear to the ground!

No matter how glorious these accomplishments were, none of them would have been possible without your unbroken patronage playing critical role in their fruition. We could not be more happy to have you among our business partners – we are looking forward to the New Year filled with plenty of hard work and opportunities to serve you with top care and priority.

As for our future plans? New year means new beginning. Or at least some new developments! Rest assured that you will never be afflicted by boredom as we have many surprises still lying in store for you. Hope you look forward to all these exciting unravellings just as strongly as we do!

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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  1. Imam Arief Rahman

    cannot wait the AWS Cloud billing solution. You should concern more with AWS cloud solution rather cPanel. Startup and industry demand is going there!

    • Many thanks for putting forward such a considered opinion on this matter, Imam. It is truly appreciated!

      Your suggestion most certainly will not go unnoticed too – we are very much intent on taking an active approach towards the development of more AWS-dedicated modules and adding them to our offer later this year. Keep your eyes wide open!

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