Cyber Monday Sales Arrived!

The second most feverishly anticipated event in a bargain hunting calendar has officially begun so it is only right and proper that we dish out some absolutely splendid Cyber Monday savings to our dearest customers!

ModulesGarden Cyber Monday Deals

We are eager to keep surprising you with unprecedented promotions that raise new possibilities and advantages. And Cyber Monday is the perfect occasion to do it! That is why we have decided to offer you the kind of special deal that has never been available before:

Upon purchasing 2-year access to any module in our offer, you are given not only a 10% discount for the order but also two additional months of license validity. And this is not everything! If you decide to obtain that module to be active for 3 years, you will pay 20% less as well as receive three extra months of its usage!

For instance, if you are interested in having 3 years of access to CRM For WHMCS, you will save $120 and gain the ability to take advantage of its complete functionality for 39 months at one fell swoop!

No less exceptional is the fact that the promotion is valid for both the new orders and the module licenses that you have already purchased and wish to renew!

If you are ready to jump at this intriguing opportunity, all you have to do is open a ticket entitled ‘Cyber Monday Deal’ and let us know which modules you wish to buy and how long you want to use them for. We will take care of everything else!

To Sales Department!

Be sure to reap the benefits of this extraordinary offer quick because it lasts only until 29th November!

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Cyber Monday Sales Arrived!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

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  1. Do not have discounts for new modules for a one year, that does not help me

  2. Candra

    waiting for Cyber Monday, and hope there is a discount for 1 year order, but no

    • We have aimed at satisfying various needs of our customers, hence the different types of discounts available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You are welcome to reach our Pre-Sales Department and find out if there are any other bargains for you to pick up.

  3. DeanoX

    Same as the others, no one (1) year discount offers. The specified discounts do not help me at all, as I can barely afford a one year license, with a perceived discount.

    And yes, times are hard, but I pay all my bills, just no $ left over.

    Oh well, maybe next year right?

    Good deal on offering the multi-year discounts though, I am sure many will benefit.

  4. Jason

    Tried several different ways to reach MG, but no response. Guess I am out of luck this time.

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