Do You Need A Documentation Or Knowledgebase?

At present many of IT related companies offer their customers more or less extensive documentations, knowledge bases or FAQs. However, not all companies do that. Why do you think? Is it really worth to spend your time and money to prepare tutorials for your clients and visitors?

In my opinion it is. I have several reasons for this:

1. Through reading your documentations, both visitors and your customers can learn more about your products and services. Many of them are looking for much more detailed information that those which can be found on your website. By creating documentation, you allow people to obtain this information, which may also have a positive impact on your sales.

2. It is a fantastic way to provide support for your customers. Each time your client needs help, he have to create a ticket, join a chat or call you. This is often associated with a longer or shorter waiting time, sometimes up to several hours. Customers usually do not want to wait that long. They want to solve the problem immediately. Good knowledgebase or FAQ may contain solutions to many of such problems. More importantly, off the shelf.

3. In a documentation you can place important and valuable information, which are problematic for various reasons, to provide by conventional support. Clarifying some of the issues may take your support team too much time or it may turn to be too difficult for customer. In many cases a practical documentation with screenshots and videos will be more understandable solution.

4. It is truth that creation, updating and maintenance of documentation, knowledgebase, FAQ or tutorial can be expensive and time consuming. However, this investment pays off through reduction the number of tickets, reduction the number of calls and/or reduction the amount of time required to provide support. Not to mention the increase in customer satisfaction!

In ModulesGarden, after creating a Wiki with documentation concerning our products, number of tickets decreased by 45%!

Conclusions belong to you.

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