How To Improve Your Customers Experience – Liquid Web Case Study

Nowadays it is crucial to hear your customers voice and appropriately respond to it. One who constantly evolving and taking into account the needs of his clients, greatly increases his chances of achieving success. It is worth to take into account the views of your customers and use them to carry out improvements in the services offered. One of the companies which are well aware of this is Liquid Web.

We invited for interview Mike Jung – Product Development Manager at Liquid Web.

What did we have ModulesGarden create?

Liquid Web wanted to create a plugin for WHMCS that uses the Liquid Web API to automatically provision Storm VPS, SSD VPS and Bare-Metal instances for reseller’s customers. We wanted to quickly provide this to our customers, which is exactly what ModulesGarden was able to do.

The plugin provides a new level of control and automation for resellers by allowing them to customize instance types and give their customers control over the Storm Firewall, IP allocation and monitoring of services for their server.

Why did we have this created?

There was a very strong need for a solution like this on our uservoice page. Many resellers expressed the need for more automation when it comes to reselling our Storm VPS servers. Liquid Web feels that it is very important to listen to our clients, which exactly why we had ModulesGarden create the plugin. We really wanted to make it easy to resell Liquid Web products as it is a win-win situation for Liquid Web and our clients.

How did ModulesGarden help Liquid Web?

ModulesGarden made it easy for us to offer the plugin free of charge to our customers. They were able to quickly outline the plugin’s features and began to work on developing the plugin right away. ModulesGarden stands behind their work and they continue to provide updates and support for the plugin, which is very important to us since we are contantly updating our own API.

What type of impact has this had on our customers?

Many of our Resellers are currently using the plugin and the overall reaction has been very positive. We really wanted to help automate as much of the reselling experience as possible so that our clients can focus on other efforts such as growing their business and building relations with their own customers.

The plugin is free of charge and is easily accessible on ModulesGarden’s site, which makes it very easy to try out. Liquid Web offers support for the plugin as well, and we are happy to help with installation of the plugin. ModulesGarden was a large part of the positive reaction around the WHMCS plugin, and we will certainly work with them again to provide more solutions for our clients.

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  1. It did not go far enough to handle dedicated servers and other add-ons. THAT is still a manual process. I believe their bare-metal term use refers to the hybrid mix of dedicated and virtual.

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