Explore The Alterations Behind PHP 7 Support

The arrival of WHMCS V7 entails the advantages of automatic updates, spotlight TLDs and – what is of particular significance for us – PHP 7 support! To let you enjoy the gamut of refinements on performance that PHP 7 has to offer, we are introducing the suite of meticulous changes into all of our WHMCS modules.

As a practical result, with each update aimed at ensuring PHP 7 support you are given the freedom of choice expressed by the access to two separate module packages adjusted to different PHP versions. How to proceed? Simply extract the files in the usual way, then select and unzip the package corresponding to the version of PHP used on your server – that’s all!

ModulesGarden Modules PHP 7 Support

This modernization delivers fantastic flexibility and extra comfort of use as it will allow you to freely adjust your product depending on the currently utilized PHP version.

Keep in mind that you can easily check whether the module of your interest is compatible with WHMCS V7 and PHP 7. The progress achieved in that matter is regularly reported here.

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