How To Cooperate With Software Developer Of Your Project

From personal experience, you know perfectly that your cooperation between the software developer or software development company not always meet your expectations. I will show you what to do, to pay less for the project, to receive it faster and to be 100% satisfied with the results.

I will present you some best practices that are worth using to make life easier for both you and the developers.

1. Prepare Detailed Development Request.

This part is the most important. The more information you provide to developer, the better he will understand your intentions. This is a key factor in the creation of custom software as most of the problems are caused by misunderstandings. Take an appropriate amount of time to prepare all the details regarding your project. In this way you will:

  1. Save your valuable time – you will not have to explain three times what you really had in mind and why the final product differs from what you expected.
  2. Save your money – you will simply avoid the situations in which you will have to pay for improving the finished project that does not meet your expectations.
  3. Avoid stress – you will have the confidence that the software will be made according to your needs and most importantly, on time.

Here’s what you can prepare:

  • detailed description of assumptions and actions of your project
  • API documentation
  • description of your environment: system, used software etc.
  • access to your system environment or equivalent system
  • screenshots or movies with descriptions
  • your deadlines
  • any other documentation that will help developers to understand your intentions

2. Get To Know The Payment Terms.

When the objectives of the project are clear to both sides, you should familiarize yourself with payment terms to avoid any surprises. Any form of payment is good, as long as both sides are satisfied.

3. Verify And Accept SLA (Service Level Agreement).

After you determine the project details, price and form of payment, you can accept an SLA. But before that happens, stop for a moment and check again whether all details of the project have been discussed. It is very important not to make any significant changes to the project during its implementation. If you have any doubts, it is time to dispel them.

4. Thoroughly Check Beta Version Of The Project.

After the agreed time, you will receive the beta version of the product. It’s crucial to carefully check this version. You or developer of the software should test all the functionalities of the product in order to clear all doubts and find as many bugs as possible. Also check if the product has everything you need. Collect all the information together, prepare just one document with all listed bugs, problems, inaccuracies etc. and send it to developer. Remember to do everything at one go as this greatly facilitates the work of developer.

Most of all you should avoid sending multiple emails with requests of changes. Try to double check the received product to put all your comments and observations into one message to creator of software. Even if it takes you longer, in the final effect you will save your time and money. It is always better, faster and above all cheaper for you, to make all the changes to the product at one go.

5. Test And Accept The Final Version Of The Project.

When the product will be fixed according to your instructions, you will receive it’s next version. Check the entire product, test the changed functionalities and report the last minor fixes to developer. Soon you will receive the final version of your product and the project can be considered complete.

Stick to these few simple rules, and your cooperation with software developer will definitely achieve the expected results.

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  1. Alex

    Good advice!

  2. Tonia

    Hi to every one, for the reason that I am really keen of reading this blog’s post that it includes a good stuff. Keep it up ModulesGarden!

  3. Thomas

    By experience, I can certainly agree that spending the time to prepare a detailed development request is well worth it. That being said, we usually always experience that some time during the development process, we see things that we might have forgotten to add to the request and this usually makes things more expensive. So the more time you spend on writing your request, will usually result in you getting a better and more accurate price from the developer.


    • Hi All,

      As with Thomas, by experience, I also agree that the more time you spend and the more detailed you can get with your development request, will make the job for the developer and the site owner alike much easier, come in within the budget alloted and within the time expected.

      Most site owners do not realize that with each and every change or addition to the development request may require some or even major recoding of the project. And it’s not that we mind doing the extra work because we do not, but you must also realize that this put more time and expense on to the project.

      Anyway, my point is, to the site owner, please don’t forget that if you do make changes, please also expect changes to the cost of the job and also to the expected completion date of the project as well.

      Richard Williams

  4. Hitshosting

    I concur that it is really important to be explicit about what it is your wanting to achieve. Developers can also get frustrated wasting their time due to poor communication or a misunderstanding.

  5. If Only I knew about this 6 months ago

  6. Jones

    Thanks for helping out, wonderful information.

  7. Everything is very understandable with your clear explanation. It was truly informative. The article is extremely helpful and I will definitely save some bucks now :) Thank you for sharing!

  8. Franklin

    Hi there, You have performed an incredible job! I have recommended this to my friends. I am confident they’ll be benefited from this guide as a couple of them are owners of web hosting companies. Thanks!

  9. Magnificent site. A lot of useful info here. I’m sending it to some pals and also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your effort!

  10. As a developer I would double vote up for every statement. Be clear with us and we’ll do everything right. Even better!

  11. A very good summary of good project preparation and management indeed.
    Regarding the unavoidable changes ocrruring *during* development, maybe that article could be extended to introduce the basics of Agile methods / SCRUM, so that projects are developed in phases (sprints), and can be adjusted to evolving needs.

    Best regards.

  12. As far as settings expectations from both side this is a very good document. The more effort that is put in with upfront planning will go a long way to a successful project.

    The holy grail is to bridge the cap between writing a spec from an entrepreneurial idea to the actually detail of what is supposed to happen.

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