Let The WHMCS V7 Frenzy Begin!

We welcome freshly released WHMCS 7.0 on board with a great lot of sheer excitement as it translates into a whole new scope for product innovation!

This update of great magnitude serves as an unquestioned catalyst for our growth both in realms of advancing current modules and designing new ones. We have set ourselves the prime aim of adjusting all products to the novelties and changes in V7 environment in the shortest possible timescale. Our developers and testers work tirelessly to allow you the comfort of using your favorite solutions in the newest version of WHMCS. You can trace the progress achieved in that matter by viewing the list of products that support WHMCS V7. For the sake of keeping you fully up to date, we have also introduced a blue ‘V7′ label under the ‘Products’ tab on our website. You can safely rely on our social media profiles as well – instant announcements on each relevant update will be published on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Keep in mind that your feedback is always gratefully received here! We are looking forward to all sorts of suggestions and ideas that will guide us towards better fulfillment of your needs.

P.S. We also wish to bring into your kind notice that concurrently we are working on the updates aimed at ensuring that our products are fully compatible with PHP 7.

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Let The WHMCS V7 Frenzy Begin!, 4.9 out of 5 based on 30 ratings
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  1. Waiting for a bridge plugin to catch up and be compatible so we are excited but can’t deploy until that happens. Hope you guys had a good time at @hostingcon, one day we will see you there.

  2. Is your Onapp WHMCS module available on Onapp website is compatible with WHMCS 7.0?

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