License Upgrade: A Few Steps For You, A Giant Leap For Your Business

Nobody should be surprised by the now-more-than-ever observable trend toward maximizing flexibility in business endeavors. Why’s that? Well, in the era of an accelerated digital expansion, precision in addressing constantly growing needs of customers is absolutely pivotal. In order to play this part flawlessly, entrepreneurs need to regularly adjust their approach, modify their operational tactics and keep their eyes on the target market to spot any changes in customer behavior patterns. What does it all have to do with the License Upgrade mechanism to which we want to draw your attention today? A whole lot, in fact.

License Upgrade - ModulesGarden

All that readiness to instantly react to market demands cannot be fully achieved without a flexible business toolkit which needs to be A) always available for immediate use, and B) capable of adapting functionally whenever circumstances call for it. And can you think of a better solution that checks all these boxes quite like open source software does? This specific type of tools is, in fact, within easy reach at ModulesGarden, even more so if you already own the annual license for one of our WHMCS modules. Time to go behind the scenes of our License Upgrade formula!

Decoding Your License: A Quick Guide

The whole process of converting your active license into the open source version takes place in our client area, and is literally just a few clicks long. Once you kick it off, you can review all the key details related to the license upgrade – take a little time to soak in the joy of massive savings you are about to score with your guaranteed Upgrade Discount reaching up to 100% of what you previously paid for the license.

As soon as we we receive your payment and tick off everything on our routine verification to-do list, we process your upgrade. Congrats! You’ve just become the lucky owner of a fully unencrypted product with unlimited accessibility. Oh, and to ease your worries – relax, your license will stay active for a bit longer, giving you more than enough time to smoothly transition the product in your environment.

With the right mindset and proper imagination, upgrading your WHMCS modules equals upgrading your business strategy. Getting access to open source products opens the door to boundless opportunities that both you and your clients can benefit from; ergo, the level of customer satisfaction with your enhanced services is more than likely to reach new heights.

Let’s get to the core of things now and unveil all the main profits resulting from progressing to open source version of our modules:

Open source products have no expiration date, which means you pay just once and can go on using it as long as you wish, with no need to regularly renew your license. After being granted your access to the module’s updates, you can make use of every single component that the product’s toolkit is enriched with throughout the year.
Whenever you face some technical problems, our Support Team is immediately there for you, using all their expertise to quickly find the best way out. This essentially means that every ticket you open is elevated to a priority status, skipping the regular queue. Any additional fees are optional. If you would like to make use of the module’s updated versions or priority technical support, and it’s been over a year since upgrading, you can proceed by making a payment at any moment, and from then on enjoy your year-long access to the extended package of bonuses.
You come into possession of the unencrypted source code, thanks to which you can modify your module’s functionalities so that the tool goes hand in hand with the exact needs of your business. Unlike the annual licenses, where restrictions apply, the open source products offer the freedom to operate in 3 separate WHMCS environments at once. Another layer of substantial savings unlocked!

Now you know what’s there for you and why upgrading your WHMCS module indeed deserves some serious thought. But in case you are not fully convinced yet about the promised simplicity of the process, you can explore every inch of this obstacle-free route on your own. How? Just delve into the freshly published piece of our Wiki documentation in which we explained in detail how to successfully upgrade your WHMCS module to its benefit-packed open source version.

Don’t ask around then, just come around to the License Upgrade idea!

Follow the instructions!

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