How MetricsCube evolved into a powerhouse of WHMCS insights

Today, MetricsCube is far from being a new find among software solutions geared toward business intelligence. It has tightly integrated into the fabric of WHMCS community, becoming the go-to tool for analyzing complex data spectrum. A quick dive into the robust offering of reports and analysis options in MetricsCube explains the ongoing popularity of this platform. How did it evolve from a fledgling tool to a powerful reporting machinery, equipped with a Live Dashboard, customizable Email Summaries, and various other aids for understanding your business? Let’s explore this journey.

2018 MetricsCube emerged from the frustration of those seeking more from WHMCS reports. Chances are, you’ve been one of them. We were too! Being the leading provider of WHMCS software development in the web hosting industry, with nearly 40,000 customers, we couldn’t escape the sense that the default tools fall short for effective and timely data analysis. The dynamics shifted once we started using MetricsCube, offering at first 40 key reports that the WHMCS community desperately needed. And it only got better from there.

The release of MetricsCube is a huge milestone that, we believe, will change the whole web hosting and eCommerce industries for the better.

In addition to expanding the repertoire of advanced reports to over 60, MetricsCube became a tool that lightens the daily data analysis load on your team. All under your watchful eye. With customizable access control for each user, your team can delve into the reports you choose to share, plus enter such critical sections of your system like billing settings or invoices.

Users - ACL Model - MetricsCube

2019 After several updates broadening the range of available reports, MetricsCube reached another crucial milestone. Thanks to it, you can view not one, but multiple reports at once by displaying them all on a single graph. The Combine Reports tool unlocks a whole new level of understanding and interaction with your everyday business data. Want specific insight into the relationship between your monthly revenue and churn rates? MetricsCube has got you covered.

Combine Reports Section - MetricsCube

2020 Every successful business starts with its customers. The folks at MetricsCube understand this well, which is why they have equipped the platform with a smart Client Profiling functionality. It offers a holistic overview of essential information, ranging from the services the customer has to the income they have generated. You can keep your client base well organized with adjustable tags and comments, plus benefit from a convenient on-hover tooltip for instant access to customer data across the entire MetricsCube.

Client Profiling - MetricsCube

2021 MetricsCube stepped into its third year of development with a growing collection of reports, but 2021 had much more in store. That is when the platform introduced the groundbreaking Live Dashboard, summarizing essential business insights into visually appealing widgets. Real-time monitoring is proven to drastically reduce the hours spent analyzing data from multiple pockets of information. What a relief!

Live Dashboard - MetricsCube

If you thought Monthly Recurring Revenue was a simple metric, think again. MetricsCube’s newly introduced MRR Breakdown section reveals the layered nature of monthly revenue, allowing in-depth analysis of your recurring income.

MRR Breakdown - MetricsCube

2022 Constantly anxious about missing critical trends in your company’s daily life? As part of MericsCube’s features, Email Summaries deliver immediate and effortless insight into your business straight to your mailbox, anywhere you are. You are free to tailor the emails as you see fit by controlling the content, frequency, and even the individual recipients.

Email Summaries - MetricsCube

Staying on top of finances is crucial, even if you’re not an accountant. MetricsCube’s premium Financial Reports make this routine effortless. Cheers to a good habit of reviewing your finances on a regular basis!

Financial Reports - MetricsCube

2023 A groundbreaking moment arrived with an entirely new integration channel. Not just syncing WHMCS data into MetricsCube, but also the other way around, enriching your WHMCS admin area with several entirely fresh sets of data concerning your customers, services, domains, and more.

MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS

2024 This brings us to the latest (so far!) stop on MetricsCube’s dynamic road of development. After a few months of hard work backstage, the team dropped a major update that makes everything better, down to the tiniest bits. Result? Your queries, big or small, now have answers! All credit goes to numerous investments in functional optimization, enhanced support services, and all-new documentation that offers a deep dive into the platform’s knowledge.

We leave you to enjoy navigating MetricsCube’s data-packed corners, hoping that after this stroll down memory lane, one thing is clear: those hard-to-reach data and insights you can’t access without MetricsCube are often the ones you need for making the right business decisions. Time to blow the whistle on guesswork!

Go MetricsCube!

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