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If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Good advice, especially in a business context, right? PanelAlpha is a rising star in the WordPress hosting industry that definitely has got it. The platform’s motivation-driven Founder and CEO, Konrad Keck, doesn’t keep the world in the dark about his brainchild’s potential and progress made through the ongoing development process. Having counted all PanelAlpha’s great successes in WordPress automation, we’d like to personally recall the most recent and impressive ones. All in all, if they’ve got it, let’s help them flaunt it!

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After months of hard work on refining the platform’s key aspects, attending to the clients’ feedback, removing functional hiccups and testing one beta version after another, PanelAlpha has now officially reached Stable Release. There were some signs, as the debut of the production-ready version was heralded by the launch of a brand-new, full-fledged website, unveiled only one day before the platform went live. It seems a refreshed look indeed tends to bring about some major changes, and such an upgrade – highlighted by implementing several new functionalities and enhancements – surely falls under this category.

PanelAlpha - Brand-New Website

Those successes mark significant mileposts in the PanelAlpha’s journey along the path that meanders through the complexities of hosting WordPress sites – the field which the platform’s experts have been persistently exploring to provide their clients with top-notch, tailor-made automation. A lot has been achieved in this respect so far, with the beta deployment of Docker-based PanelAlpha Engine topping the list. Here’s to the tool that not only exceeds the most popular control panel integrations in all sorts of performance tests, but also redefines web space sharing!

PanelAlpha - Admin Area Dashboard

It’s hard to imagine circumstances more favorable to showcasing your assets than those accompanying CloudFest. This year PanelAlpha received the Gold Partner status and went to Rust with the primary aim of giving their own creative response to the question of how to navigate WordPress in an easier and much more efficient way.

The event’s fame attracted a colorful diversity of participants, from prominent leaders of cloud computing, to visionaries of the Internet infrastructure industry, to a number of web hosting providers and software companies. Together with the PanelAlpha team, we have found ourselves right at the heart of digital innovation and entertainment to which we brought fair share by organizing numerous fun games, prize draws and the enthusiastically welcomed booth party.

We will all see what the future holds for the platform, and to what degree it will be shaped by the initiatives taken during CloudFest. Regardless of the outcomes, we will keep our fingers crossed for the future as bright and prospect-packed as possible!

Go PanelAlpha!

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