Gear Up For Summer With Hot May Promotion!

When you think of the time when the hottest promotions of the year take place, the first thing that pops into head is “summer”. But why wait until then if you can prepare your business for this electrifying season today already?

May Promotion 2019 - ModulesGarden

Browse through the catalogue of our products dedicated to WHMCS, Blesta and more, pick the ones that you fancy the most, and spend 20% less in total on every ordered item!

But the best part about our newly launched shopping haul is that it covers all new annual licenses AS WELL AS open source products!

To take advantage of this brilliant opportunity, simply use
the below promo code while in checkout:

Promo Code: MayDiscountFrenzy

Be swift though! Once the calendar turns its page to 1st June, the deal will be gone for good.

Act Fast & Save Big!

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Gear Up For Summer With Hot May Promotion!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 29 ratings

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  1. Hi there, I’m trying to use the coupon by upgrading from a yearly license to a lifetime license but I don’t see a place to put the discount.

  2. Great. I would love to buy the Payment Gateway Based Fees addon now..!!

  3. Fabiano

    My invoice was changed? Modulesgarden removed the discount…i made the purchase with coupon, invoiced with discount, now i am on he 7 day test period, and i was just waiting to add funds to my credit card. The invoice due date is 07/jun, but modulesgarden removed the coupon from my invoice :(

    • Please be advised, Fabiano, that the discount was removed from the invoice automatically as it still remained unpaid once our May Promotion has expired on 31st May. No worries though! Please join us in the recently opened ticket so that we could think of some other satisfactory purchase arrangement.

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