ModulesGarden 2nd Anniversary!

On the 3rd of Septemeber 2013 we celebrated our Second Anniversary! Since over 2 years we provide you with software development services and commercial modules for the most known web applications connected with web hosting, e-commerce and not only. On this occasion we prepared a small party and lecture. Meet ModulesGarden Team behind the scenes!

ModulesGarden was created entirely from scrath by just one person – Konrad Keck. We grew up really fast and  currently the company counts sixteen people ready to perform even the most difficult and the most sophisticated tasks. From several satisfied customers to over two thousand, from one cramped room to comfortable office able to accommodate twenty people, from one little module to nearly thirty official modules – we are developing rapidly and the pace continues to grow!

If you would like to know more about our growth and plans for the future – click here and check ModulesGarden Timeline!

Now lets get back to the anniversary party. First was a very interesting lecture (seriously!) leaded by our CEO . Then there was a surprise… because what anniversary can do without a cake?

  • ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-1 ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-1
  • ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-2 ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-2
  • ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-3 ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-3
  • ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-4 ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-4

The first cut belongs to Konrad.

ModulesGarden CEO Konrad Keck Cutting A CakeTime for champagne, you have to celebrate the successful development of the company!

  • ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-6 ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-6
  • ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-7 ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-7
  • ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-8 ModulesGarden-2nd-Anniversary-8

And this is the team who strive to reforge your ideas into the wonderful final effect!

ModulesGarden Team September 2013Thank you for the trust and contribution in growth of our company.
Without you, there would be no ModulesGarden.

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  1. Best wishes from switzerland for a great Company and great work!!

  2. Hernando

    Where is my idol maciej?

  3. Boss's customer

    perfect,my Boss…

  4. Damian

    16 employees and still can’t produce a fully working SolusVM module, even two months after it’s release??

    • Hi Damian,

      Thank you for the feedback. We are doing our best to provide customers with the best possible solutions. We are working on many different projects at the same time and we do not assign 16 people to work on a single module.
      For this module we are already released more significant updates with new features and improvements in a very short time, than for any other of our modules. SolusVM Extended modules are very complex so it is not that easy to create a module from scratch which would work perfectly in every single aspect. However we are constantly working on it and there is a special team assigned for that project.

      I also checked all your tickets connected with the module and I can see that all of them were closed at least one month ago. If you have more troubles with SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS, please open a support ticket and we will gladly assist you.

  5. May you get more success in future. Stay blessed!

  6. What a great small team, happy late birthday and hope you guys enjoyed it and keep up the good work.

  7. I very like Modulesgarden,I hope that the Modulesgarden will become better and better.

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