ModulesGarden – How It All Began And Where We Are Heading

Web applications that you use or you plan to use in the nearest future not always meet your expectations as they stand. Together with development and growth of various web applications demand for high quality software development services is constantly changing. Over two years ago we had observed incessantly growing tendency to seek more specialized solutions adapted to clients’ needs. This is how idea for creation of ModulesGarden was born.

The company was founded in September 2011 by just one person, Konrad Keck. He started from creating simple modules, customizations and integrations for web applications like WHMCS, HostBill, cPanel or WordPress. Offered solutions met with a very favorable opinion of his clients which number increased in the enormous pace. As early as in December Konrad hired first software developer and ModulesGarden released its first official module, cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS. It was a key moment for the company allowing us to make the next step and continue to grow.

In 2012 we continued employment and developing of new modules. In May we moved to new office because our last one turned out to be too small for rapidly growing company. We worked really hard to offer the best possible software development services to our customers. We finished the year with 9 official modules, nearly 1000 satisfied customers and Team consisting of 8 people.

Since 2013 ModulesGarden started to grow even more rapidly. With many fresh ideas and endless enthusiasm for work we kept developing new modules, improving current ones and hiring new employees. We significantly increased frequency of releasing updates and entirely new solutions for web applications in order to meet with your expectations. Up to this day we cooperated with companies like WHMCS, cPanel, Parallels, OpenSRS, Liquid Web, DediServe, Softaculous, Proxmox or Installatron. Through all this time we were providing you with the finest custom software development services and we still do.

Year 2013 is about to end. Therefore we want to summarize our activity since moment of company foundation. The line chart presents 9 quarters of the year, since last quarter in 2011 (1) up to last quarter in 2013 (9). The last, 9th quarter shows expected values based on results received in October and November.

Blue chart presents website traffic obtained in each quarter.
Green chart presents number of successfully finalized orders.
Red chart presents number of new clients who joined our company in each quarter.

ModulesGarden Line Chart

As you can see, month after month, quarter after quarter we are increasing our popularity and significance in the IT industry. Since first quarter number of our clients increased by 1879%, website traffic by 2374% and number of successfully finalized orders by 4362%. And we do not intend to stop!

 Now let’s talk a little bit about the future.

At the beginning of 2014 we will introduce ModulesGarden Dedicated E-Commerce Development Team focused mainly on Magento. We will also introduce Project Manager which will improve communication between you and our developers. This will result in reduced time necessary to successfully finish your project and will guarantee that project will meet your expectations in 110%.

In March we will move to new, large office because we need more space and even better working conditions. We are planning to have 30 employees and much more than 50 official modules by the end of 2014 year.

That’s obviously not all that we want to change or achieve in 2014 but the rest will be a surprise.

Now we stand before you ready to accept any challenge. Regardless of whether it will be a simple module, advanced integration or entirely new system – we will handle that!

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ModulesGarden - How It All Began And Where We Are Heading, 5.0 out of 5 based on 73 ratings
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  1. Very impressive, wish success in the future as it was now and more :)

  2. Diego Algara

    I was promised a update for WHMCS Reseller Module! To maintain the reseller’s domain/logo at the system.

  3. Hi Diego,
    It’s really surprising that a company which have 8 employees make that much project and finished it but it’s a Custom Software Development company and nothing is impossible for IT companies.

    • We are happy to hear that Shane. However we currently have 19 employees ;) You can always be up to date with such information by viewing ModulesGarden Timeline on our website:

  4. Hoanglaiviek

    Very interesting article. I was wondering how to find a little bit more info about ModulesGarden. Many thanks for sharing!
    P.S. I am waiting for Dedicated E-Commerce Development Team :)

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