ModulesGarden In Collaboration With Amazon!

We are proud to announce the launch of a huge cooperation! We are joining forces with Amazon!

Together, we are working on Amazon Payments For WHMCS, which is intended to introduce ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ option into your own WHMCS. What good can it do for you?

‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ makes shopping on your website quick and effortless for millions of Amazon clients. They can simply sign in using login data, so the shipping address and payment methods already stored in their accounts will be automatically entered in the order form. All this without even leaving your website! Once they log in, you get access to their details, so you can get back to them at any time!

Amazon Payments For WHMCS will provide convenient, user-friendly payment solution which will translate in a stronger confidence in your company and therefore, increased sales!

On this occasion, together with Amazon we prepared a huge surprise for you: we are looking for merchants interested in beta testing!


  • Location of a company: UK
  • Transactions processing on a daily basis
  • Access to a test environment with an SSL certificate (at least a self-signed) that is accessible from outside for testing
  • Technical knowledge to locate problems

Benefits from using Amazon Payments For WHMCS:

  • Access to millions of Amazon customers
  • Boosted conversion
  • Automatic client profile/account creation upon ordering, no registration required
  • Streamlined and fast checkout workflow in just a few clicks
  • Reduced registration and cart abandonment
  • Single and subscription payments

If you are to be chosen to perform comprehensive tests and provide detailed feedback, you will be rewarded with the lowest transaction rate on for 6 months!

If you wish to be involved in beta testing phase and you fulfill all the requirements,  open a ticket with ‘Amazon Payments’ as a subject, include your company details and wait for our response!

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  1. Congratulations, now if you would only cut down response time to support emails that would be a great accomplishment. I sent a support email over 24 hours ago and I am yet to receive a response.

  2. Hello Carlyle,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are fully aware of the fact that our clients’ time is worth its weight in gold and our support is often essential for the smooth functioning of their businesses.

    The response time is dependent on many factors, such as the complexity of a problem and present work overload. Nevertheless, we are always doing our best to provide comprehensive and fully efficient assistance. In the space of a year our Support Team grew significantly and we are going to maintain this tendency if it proves necessary. We also plan to improve the response time on weekends in the near future.

  3. What is the status of this plugin? I just received word from WHMCS they are not putting any priority into Login and Pay with Amazon, and as of the 1st, Simple Pay is no longer accepting payments. As a US business, I do not qualify for the beta, but after learning WHMCS only had 4 enquiries about Amazon, I don’t hold much hope from that direction.

  4. Hi Tim,

    Sorry for a delay. Somehow, your post had escaped my notice. The module is nearly ready to be released, and it is entering the final phase of the project. However, we are still looking for a few more people with business in UK who are willing to test Amazon Payments For WHMCS.

  5. Is this module still in development? I was looking for a way to accept amazon payments on my whmcs and there seems to be no solution so far.

  6. Hello Kevin,

    The module is still in beta phase and we are looking for one or two beta testers more. Feel free to contact us directly. We will be happy to provide you more details.

  7. James


    is this module still in beta?

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