Multibrand For WHMCS Reinvented!

It raises no doubts that the 21st century witnesses an unprecedented expansion of online businesses intended on bringing ever-innovative products and services to the market, fueled by the continuously transforming demand. Some entrepreneurs go even a step further. Multibranding, that is building and managing several autonomous brands, is no small task, yet it enjoys a rising level of interest among many business owners.

How to make a profit through multibranding without adding the bulk of burden to your workload? Meet Multibrand For WHMCS– an ingenious solution designed to let you manage all your brands under just a single WHMCS license! No words can describe how proud we are to present you a special milestone in the unstoppable evolution of this very module, a step change making it by far the most superior in both the functionality and design to any other product on the market.

Below you will explore the most significant results of our dauntless, pioneering venture which Multibrand For WHMCS 2.0 beta undoubtedly is:

  • The entire code completely rewritten from scratch! The current, highly optimized structure will ensure the utmost quality of the module’s performance, as well as enable the implementation of ever new state-of-the-art features. As far as the user interface is concerned, it has been thoroughly redesigned as well! All crucial tools are now arranged in a far more intuitive fashion, embracing the innovation and reflecting the spirit of modernity.

ModulesGarden Multibrand For WHMCS 2.0 - Brand Configuration

  • A vastly modernized system of integration with payment gateways offering as many as five payment gateways you can choose from, including the world-renowned PayPal, 2Checkout and Stripe. Still not what you have been waiting for? Do not worry – there are more coming! Let us know which other payment gateways you would welcome in your Multibrand For WHMCS and we will try all-out efforts to implement them in the next updates.
  • Email system facilitated with SMTP configuration per brand. You are now invited to manage your branded email templates more handily since they are no longer stored in the WHMCS base, but straight in the module. Additionally, each of your brands can now use a different SMTP mailbox for outgoing emails. Appealing, doesn’t it?
  • Customize your invoices even to a larger extent, so that they fit your exact accounting standards. Would you like the flexibility to set a sequential number and format of all your branded invoices? Of course you do, and that is precisely what has been made possible!

ModulesGarden Multibrand For WHMCS 2.0 - Statistics

  • Clients migration between brands and expanded automation of customer management. All clients who already have accounts registered for one brand might be now automatically added to another brand soon after logging into it.

ModulesGarden is not afraid of innovation. You should not be either! Explore our fundamentally redefined Multibrand For WHMCS and by all means, do let us know how you feel about all these reformations!

Let’s Foster Revolution!

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  1. Does the new MultiBrand have a Payment Gateway with both US$ and CAD$ transactions? We have multiple brands, but also need to be able to Process CAD transactions in CAD$ funds, and to process international transactions in US$ funds.

    • Hi Todd! The module does not offer any solution for that particular aspect currently, but if you provide our Support Team with a detailed insight as to how you would like it to work exactly, we will try our best to enable such a feature in the coming updates.

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