Social Media – 5 Benefits For Your Business

Providing you are not a traveller from a different space and time, you most certainly have heard the term ‘social media’ on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, this topic is as broad as it is captivating and we could elaborate on what social media are forever, but it will really be more informative to just consider some of its concrete advantages instead.

Here are five major benefits of your company being active on social media.

1. Positive Rapport With Your Customers

As new companies are springing up on the market, customers occupy the central point of each marketing strategy now more than ever. And how to best attract and then retain customers? Make them feel important! Come down off your high horse and show them you are not an idealized, desensitized robot but a caring, emotional human being just like them. And this is where social media come in, working wonders. While posting on social networking sites you have a chance to address your customers directly, interweave your actual message with some humoristic elements every now and then, and receive an immediate feedback. Remember: you have not only reputation to uphold but also customers to satisfy and entertain!

2. Increased Brand Recognition And Brand Loyalty

No TV, radio or billboard advert can guarantee the dynamics social media ensure. Have a new product or just want to indulge your customers with a tempting discount? Spread the news with a Tweet or a Facebook post in the matter of a few seconds, link the product and wait for the customers to crowd on your website, digging deeper into your offers. The more information you share, the more trustworthy and sincere you appear to be. And nothing is more important for a business than making people trust you, trust your products and eventually – want to come back for more.

ModulesGarden - Social Media Importance3. Driving traffic to your website

Social media provide a whole range of tools for analysing customers’ needs and determining the target group for your services. When you advertise a new product or announce an attractive bargain, you want the customers to have an instant access to it so a natural thing to do is to insert a link redirecting them to your website. The more click ons you get, the higher your website climbs in google rankings and the better its visibility in the search engine is. You would probably never generate so much traffic advertising your business by means of the more traditional mass media. After all, who would bother to write down a web address on a piece of paper anymore just to check it out in their spare time?

4. Decreased Marketing Costs

Why pay through the nose for, say, the TV or magazine ads which may be aesthetically pleasing, but contain very little relevant information on the product due to the limited broadcast and space time, if you can achieve much more for much less? Even a few e-marketing specialists truly worth their salt can make a huge difference with the use of free-of-charge social media tools. Posting news about your newest developments has no time or space restrictions attached to it, and you can keep your customers posted every single day!

5. Peeking At Your Competitors

No matter if you are a small company just starting the entrepreneurial adventure or a global corporation – you will always want to keep your finger on the pulse and monitor your competitors’ operations. Does it mean you should hire a private detective and spy on them? Of course not! Or… not exactly. You can ‘spy’ on them on social media as much as you want: peek at what they share, how they advertise their services, how they build rapport with customers. Let them inspire you! Do not think of it as a crime or some sort of cheating – as long as you draw ideas not content, your competitors will be none the worse for wear and you will gain an invaluable insight into how to do business.

Naturally, there are far more profits of incorporating social media into your marketing strategies, but it is entirely up to you how you will utilize this modern and powerful tool.

In the meantime, you can always follow our social networking profiles in search of new ideas!

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