WHMCS V6.3 Support

Aggressive, highly competitive-driven transformation is by far the most indispensable factor of the modern IT sphere. If your software gear is not tuned into this increasingly rapid tempo of evolution, you cannot expect your business to unfold either.

Our mission is not an exception to this cardinal rule. We believe it is only fair to offer you products that are kept abreast of ever changing directions in technology advance. We expend a great deal of effort to stay ahead of the curve so you can rest assured that with our products, your business stays there too. Following the time frames provided for in the Long-Term Support Policy implemented by WHMCS, we have decided to progressively shift our focus from WHMCS V6.3 and channel the further development on WHMCS V7 and its later versions only.

Proceeding on this track, we will officially discontinue the modules compatible with WHMCS V6.3 at the close of 2017. We will then also cease to provide technical assistance for the software implemented in the V6.3 environment. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible and thus the latest release of any single module that has been originally rolled out with WHMCS V6.3 support will remain accessible in our client area for a long time yet.

Time to skyrocket your business with our future-ready software!

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WHMCS V6.3 Support, 4.5 out of 5 based on 32 ratings

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