ModulesGarden Has Changed For You

We have been unceasingly assisting customers seeking a unique approach to their businesses since 2011. We help enterprises all around the world to achieve that unique approach through bringing desired automation and a personal touch to every part of their professional activities. How do we make that happen? We create software with full commitment and attention to the finest detail.

For over 5 years ModulesGarden has been growing and expanding the scope of offered services. From the moment of establishing our company, we are continually setting a completely new trials in a widely understood web hosting industry. Ever since we have pushed the boundaries of innovation and set completely new standards in software development, perfectly matched to the needs of a modern business. Now, at the end of 2016, we have reached a point when evolving and taking actions to the whole new level has become a natural process to us.

Whatever we did in past and in whatever we will do - we are always guided by a clear target, that every business needs and deserves a unique approach. What is the most important in that statement? You are. That’s right – you and your goals. We change and we do it for you – to meet your expectations and provide you with services at an unprecedented level. Therefore, we are filled with immense pride to announce the brand new edition of ModulesGarden!

What are the Top 10 Changes that have been introduced in ModulesGarden?

  1. Our own Marketplace with a dedicated discount system, both built completely from scratch!
  2. Completely revamped Client Area and Software Projects Control Center with New Functionalities!
  3. Totally new Website with New Offer available!
  4. Extended management of your products: easy License Switch, quick Upgrade, new Services!
  5. 7-Day Free Access to our products replaces current Free Trial License, so you will no longer have to order two different versions of our modules to test them!
  6. Special Product Renewal Offer for loyal customers!
  7. Template Integration service for our products!
  8. Redesigned Process of custom software development projects management and delivery to provide you with better projects in less time.
  9. Improved Notification System!
  10. Tons of internal Changes and Updates to expand our offer, optimize the workflow and guarantee smooth running of your business!

11. Many other Improvements and New Features available all over the place!
Try to discover them all and be sure to see even more extras in 2017!

ModulesGarden Marketplace

Before we invite you to check out our new website, we would like to make this moment more exciting to you. We would not be ourselves if we have not come up with an extraordinary promotion! Grab our 25% promo code applicable to the first 50 orders placed in our Marketplace!


Last but not least, let us mention the changes that practically affect every single aspect of our company. We have made every effort to thoroughly test our new systems and pages but we still might have missed something. If you happen to notice any issue or oversight, do not hesitate to let us know about it via our Marketplace Feedback support department created especially for this purpose. Each confirmed bug will be rewarded with a personal promo code! 

Now, we cordially invite you to see what we have prepared for you. Enjoy!

Check Out Your New ModulesGarden!

Let us know what you think about the changes in the comment section below!

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  1. Site looks good! Can’t seem to login to client area though — it redirects back to login page :(

  2. We are delighted to hear that, Jordan!

    Please make sure that you are logging in with our new client area URL: and let us know the outcome.

  3. Great job guys! – Your relentless attention to detail and ever improvement of each of your products makes you a leader in the industry and makes it a pleasure to do business with you guys. Although most of your product pricing is fair, I hope that these upgrades allow for some price reductions on some which seem to high. Keep it up.

  4. Thank you so much Robert!

    I have good news for you. Our new marketplace with automatically applied bulk order discount, special daily/weekly deals and other inbuilt discounts will definitely allow for some price reductions. Plus, we are not done here yet. We will expand our promotional offer in the upcoming year.

  5. DeanoX

    Greetings from one of your “Garden Snails”.

    As a “Garden Snail” with a simple WHMCS “Starter license” support 250 or less active clients, maybe ModulesGarden could take a similar approach for us small “Garden Snails”, an offer a much, much, discounted rate on initial license purchases for us extremely small hosting co’s. who are well under the 250 active clients, but are growing ever so slowly, like the Snails that we are.

    Just like it was mentioned in the WHMCS blog and forums, “why should companies with both high and low client counts, pay the same for the initial license? they should be able to grow into higher count client licenses.”

    I hope this makes sense, it does to me anyway.

    Thank you,
    Garden SnailX

    • Hi DeanoX!

      Thank you most kindly for your sincere feedback.

      It is perfectly understandable that all businesses, especially the small ones, attempt to achieve as high financial savings as possible. That is exactly why we have introduced a whole new range of discounts that – what is also of absolute novelty – can be combined together to maximize customer benefits. Together with it, all clients are now offered substantial price cuts applicable to modules’ renewals.

  6. Alex

    Is there any chance to get that template you are using for our own whmcs installations?

    • Hello,

      I am greatly pleased that you find our current template appealing, Alex! Unfortunately, it is not available for sale.

      You may find it worthwhile to explore our Client Area Designer For WHMCS module if you wish to customize the layout view of your client area.

  7. Hi guys,

    Impressive website, congratulations!

    Did you changed your WHMCS client area with something new. which CMS is that? Looks awesome.

    Good job.

    • Hi!

      Our client area has been rebuilt entirely from scratch, no CMS is used.
      Many thanks for your kind words, Aziz. Great you enjoy our new website as much as we do!

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