Join our egg-stra Easter Discount Hunt!

As Easter is approaching, we at ModulesGarden unite in sending the warmest wishes to our treasured customers. May this special holiday bring you health that never falters, new inspirations that lead to things falling into place, positive energy that makes you feel alive, and numerous reasons for happiness that lasts.

Did you know?
The happy act of finding Easter eggs during the hunt is supposed to remind us of the joy that the women felt when they came to Jesus’s cave and found it empty.

Thinking of how grateful we are for your partnership during those challenging times, we came up with our custom Easter Egg Hunt. Feel warmly invited to take part in this unique celebration, and win an exceptional 25% discount which you can apply freely to any module available in our offer.

Spring to action with an eggstra 25% promo code on all ModulesGarden modules!

This annual hunt shall be guided by the following principles:

  • There are six egg-themed hashtags, e.g. #EggcitingModule, #DontEggnoreTheChance, that have fallen out of our Easter basket and rolled right into six different social media posts.
  • The posts are published within the last few weeks prior to March 30th, on both our official Facebook and Twitter profile.
  • Spot one of the hashtags, and put it in the comment straight below this post. You can provide one hashtag only, and it cannot be submitted by any other participant.
  • There are six awards of a handsome 25% discount which can be spent on any single WHMCS module in our Marketplace!
  • The hunt ends on April 6th – all the winners will be announced on the following day, and notified about their prize via email.

Time cannot be wasted when such an egg-ceptional opportunity is to be taken. Go ahead and take a tour of our social media profiles with your eyes peeled for our unique Easter eggs!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Join our egg-stra Easter Discount Hunt!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 19 ratings

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  1. Hein


  2. Oh! I thought you meant comment directly below the FB post! LOL

  3. #EasterEggHide was allready submited.
    Here is another one: #HappyEggster

  4. C



  5. See who got lucky with that splendid 25% discount! - ModulesGarden

    That’s a wrap!

    Let us begin by expressing our heartfelt thanks for everyone’s active participation in this year’s edition of our Easter Discount Hunt. Celebrating the Easter season with you was twice as fun!

    These are the six hashtags that you were hunting for:


    We made sure fair play is at the heart of this competition, and selected the 6 lucky winners in accord with the official hunt rules:

    Johann Joubert
    Jann Pfeifer
    Manuel Ramos
    Philip Ehusani
    David Majchrzak

    Our heartiest congrats go to you all! A well-earned 25% promo code is already on its way to your mailboxes.

    But let’s not forget that Easter is, above all, the time of giving. And with this truth in mind, we feel genuinely pleased to surprise all slightly less lucky hunters with an attractive consolation prize! If you got the answer right, but didn’t make it on time, you can start looking through your emails as well. ;)

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