Fact or Fiction?

Who doesn’t love the thrill of excitement, an inextricable part of spine-tingling storytelling by a campfire or passing on a particularly spicy gossip which makes your entire imagination go nuts? It is true that myths, superstitions, and old wives’ tales are soaked in mesmerizing powers. Sometimes however it feels good to know where you stand and have a clear picture of the reality, doesn’t it?

Since the moment of its formation, ModulesGarden has been engrossed in a whirl of constant advancements and turnarounds – all of that to render your customer experience impeccable. It is due to these very superhuman endeavors that with time our company has become an object of quite a few fascinating legends. We purposefully use this exact term because you frequently request us or other users to approve or disprove certain claims. Here are some of the topics that seem to be the most enigmatic:

“I want to purchase four modules by ModulesGarden. What is the most economical way to do it? I’ve noticed they offer some special daily and weekly deals, that’s great. But does any one know what about discount for bulk orders?”

Brandon Moore, USA

“Before I buy module, I want to check it first. I see you have 7-Day Free Access. Does it unlocks all functions of this module? If yes tell me how to make order please.”

Vyalitsyn Nikitovich, Russia

“Your modules look realy useful. But my company needs something which I can’t find here. Can you make custom project to my requirements? How much it costs?”

Franziska Dümmler, Germany

It gives us a big motivational kick to see that our services arouse such keen interest, and an even wilder satisfaction to inform you that we are going to shed light on the truth and drive away any doubts once and for all!

When you feel like fully prepared for the revelation of the above as well as other secrets, pay a visit to ModulesGarden website – our secretive meeting place, and make your way straight to the recently opened ‘Common Questions’ section.

If something there seems to be missing and you would like to have it confirmed or debunked too, feel free to give us a whisper. Our myth busters will swing into action in no time!

Expose the Truth!

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