Hats off to our Winners!

Emotions were running really high around our Blog lately. Those who stayed up-to-date on our most recent activities probably know well why the excitement. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce on the hand the triple winners of our latest poll and the other – champions of the kicking New Year contest!

First things first, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who have spared a precious minute of their time and cast their vote to foster the further improvement of our company. Rest assured that your valuable feedback will not go unnoticed. Quite the opposite – we will see to it that all the things you treasure the most about ModulesGarden become even a few times more attractive, and these which still need some brushing up – exceed the expected standard in a flash.

Top 3 Achievements of ModulesGarden in 2017

Allow us to now present you with the top three accomplishments of ModulesGarden in 2017 which were rated by you as the most praise-worthy:

  • 1st place: The Number of Updates (236)

Since increasing the frequency of new updates was one of our biggest resolutions for 2017, we are overjoyed to see how much you appreciate our efforts. We will not rest on our laurels, however, but even spice things up to meet your wildest needs and keep pace with the ever changing IT industry. To achieve that, we are going to pick your brains on various aspects related to our company far more often and merge them with our own ideas. Expect thus to see on the horizon of 2018 even greater numbers of regular updates and new, top-notch solutions!

  • 2nd place: New Website, Client Area and Product Marketplace

You can tell much about a company judging by its website. Guided by this principle, we dedicated ourselves to making sure that the content we present to you always goes hand in hand with the finest form. Intuitive, easy to navigate, neat and pleasing to the eye – these are the cornerstones of our new, redesigned website and the Product Marketplace built entirely from scratch so as to raise your user experience to the world-class level. Thanks to all the suggestions we had received from you in the past we were also able to modernize our client area and fit it exactly to your requirements. For example, you are now given a possibility to carry out such operations as quickly upgrading the selected product or switching to a different license for free should you wish so. As you can see – your feedback is a real source of inspiration to us. So speak your mind whenever you feel like it is time for a change and we will try to adopt!

  • 3rd place: New Appearance and Better Performance of Modules

Quality improvement definitely kept us up and running for this past year. Several of our modules have already come out of this standard-raising process enhanced almost beyond recognition and there will certainly be dozens more to come in 2018. As you can see for yourself, our upgrading procedures do not take place superficially only. The entirely new framework we are giving our software affects not only its interface alone but the whole underlying logic as well. As a result, our products are even more aesthetic in design, more convenient in use, and more flexible for implementation of new functionalities. On top of that, the framework is being constantly mastered to perfection so you have still much to look forward to!

Now, shooting straight to the part you have probably all waited for with bated breath – the awarding ceremony of our New Year contest winners!

Because it was by no by means easy to choose the champions, the 33% discount goes to three selected at random players, as previously agreed on:

Congratulations not only on your impressive achievements but the courage to openly share them with us as well! Expect the promo code to be delivered to you via email shortly. Remember also that you have 3 months to spend it on a single item from our Marketplace you pick (except for open source products).

Genuine words of appreciation are also due to all remaining participants who showed us equally strong competitive spirit. Keep your chin up for there will be plenty of other great opportunities to still avail of in the future!

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  1. Thank you all for carving out a minute of your precious time and taking part in our brief poll. We feel really fueled up by your feedback and encouraged to further improvements.

    Actually we are already getting down to work to come back to you soon with an even greater delivery of fancy developments!

  2. Sri

    Thank you very much modulesgarden. Have been hitting refresh on this page since yesterday. Lol.. Happy to be selected.

    Thank you

  3. Sascha

    Thank you so much ModulesGarden !!!
    I have already found your email announcement in January … Have a lovely day and maybe see you at cloudfest this week?

    • Hi Sascha, great to bring smile to the face of yet another customer today!
      As for CloudFest, our thoughts will definitely be there with you, but our bodies must attend to all the important projects we are currently working on. Promise to have fun for the both of us! :)

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