Slashing New Year!

With 2017 winding down and 2018 on our doorstep, the entire ModulesGarden team joins in wishing you all the best in this upcoming year. May all your future endeavors garner nothing but success and appreciation, and the work you keep doing always go hand in hand with your personal as well as professional growth!

As we look back upon the past twelve months, we realize how much progress our own company has made throughout this time and how many milestones we have reached with you, our cherished clients, by our side.

Rocking New Year 2017 with ModulesGarden

Here is the list of accomplishments we are most proud of this year:

  • 236 updates of both modules and extensions altogether.
  • 10 novel modules and extensions realeased.
  • 3500 more clients boarded our ship.
  • Complex package of 3 new services broadened our offer to drum up your business: Premium Assistance, DevOps Outsourcing, and Business Consulting.
  • Over 500 positive opinions received from you on the innovative design of our brand new website, Marketplace, and the client area. Look out for even more attractions on the horizon of 2018!
  • Extensively optimized Software Project Control Center section accessible from the client area allowing for a convenient project status tracking, unobstructed exchange of information, and more precise project quotation.
  • Two more attractive bargains introduced:

- Bulk Order Discount – purchase more products and pay less thanks to the additional discount generated automatically while placing an order.

- Deal Of The Day and Deal Of The Week – uncover new products at a discounted price every day.

  • 4 modules bolstered with a brand new code and ultra modern framework, setting a new direction in the development of our products:

- Resellers Center For WHMCS 3.0

- Multibrand For WHMCS 2.0

- Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 3.0

- Hosting Renewals For WHMCS 3.0

Since none of these accomplishments would be even remotely possible without your help, let us know which of the upgrades amazed you to the greatest extent.

But we have boasted about our successes for too long. Now it is time for you to show off your most admirable achievement of the past year and unlock for yourself a possibility to win a staggering 33% discount on any product from our offer (open source version excluded) valid for three months. Leave a comment in the section below until 15th January and we will randomly choose three out of all most ingenious submissions – just to be fair and objective.

Claim the reward for your above-average effort and charge up for the new year ahead!

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  1. Mahmoud Elsayed

    Thanks for good work i’m using Proxmox VPA and DNS manager and look king to use IP Manager and some other modules today.

  2. Erik

    Using WHMCS Discount Center and it works like a charm – thanks for the good work! Happy New Year!

  3. I’m using some of you modules for whmcs, in comparison to other developers they are so much more thought-out and overall very good, it is just so easy to work with the modules and your Support! (HostingRenewals is the plugin from you I am using the most)

  4. Domain Reseller, maybe the best module.. great job.

  5. I’m a customer of yours for a number of your WHMCS modules… impressed by the overall quality of code, but mainly for the quality and attention of your assistance

  6. We use Proxmox plugin, I think it’s perfect.
    Thank you for your work!

    • Great to hear that, Norbert! If you could enumerate a few reasons why you find this module so useful to your business, what would that be? We are looking forward to learn your perspective! :)

    • We belive in automation, because we can save a lot of time and money with that. ModulesGarden Proxmox is the best automation plugin for WHMCS on the market. Since we use this plugin, we have zero error. Support is very fast and helpful. Plugin design is more customer friendly as proxmox design.

    • We very much agree with you Norbert, that every minute and every penny is precious. Hope you keep relying on our products to relieve your business for many years to come!

  7. Sri

    I’ve known and worked on Modules Garden modules for about 3 years now since I started taking freelance jobs on WHMCS. I must say, the code quality is good and it always work as they claimed and never had problem configuring them for clients. Even if I encounter problem, the support team always backed me up.

    I’ve became more interested in your module when I was looking for resources to start a domain reselling site. I have compared with other available module and I have to say your module is quite complete and has everything needed to start a professional domain reselling business.

    I’ve been recently following your post and club at whmcs closely and looking to grab the 50% discount but this year new deal looks good and trying my luck as well :-) kudos modulesgarden

    • We are more than sure that fortune will smile upon you in this New Year contest, Sri! Keep your eyes wide open for the promised 50% promo code too – it will be revealed in our WHMCS Club as soon as all conditions are met! :)

  8. Rob

    I am using WHMCS since first version (switching from AWBS). It offers the most flexible billing system. modulesgarden is the only company who solved an individual development and offers regular updates without any problems – and if there is any problem they always solve the problems within a very short time; so I am very happy with the products. I am using 11 modules now … I think there should be some discount for mass buyers in future – that would be helpful. Great job. Thx.

    • Thank you for sharing a subtle glimpse into your business journey, Rob! Which one from your handsome collection of modules would you think of as your favorite throughout 2017?

      As regards your suggestion – the bulk discount is already available! It is applied automatically when you place an order. Plus, our long-term supporters can always expect some red-carpet treatment. :)

    • Sri

      Hi, what modules are you using? Would love to hear your feedback if your using domain reseller for WHMCS :-)

  9. Your custom development is second to none. I regret outsourcing another module we required to one of your competitors, after seeing how well your team works.
    Super efficient, constant updates, delivered on time, fanatical support.

    We’re using a few of your other modules, such as solidcp extended and our clients love it.

    I am considering another purchase of a lifetime license… your whmcs dns management module – how ever there is no support for dnssec with SimpleDNS…

    • Hi Jade,
      many thanks for these inspiring words. We always look forward to new ways of exceeding our own standards and upgrading the functionality of our products. Your suggestion about DNS Manager For WHMCS most certainly will not go unnoticed too – actually we are already putting it on the list of new features which will be taken into consideration in the future versions of this very module.
      Have a great day!

  10. @Joanna,

    I’d love some red carpet treatment on your DNS Management Module and Payment Gateway Charges Module :) :)

  11. Joe

    Maybe,im the one of the first 10 clients of our boss Konrad Keck.

    At his beginning,
    He help me customize some addons, pretty great experience.

    Days gone,
    He build so a good company modulesgarden with so many program experts and friendly support men and women,
    They all help me alot to extend my business.

    I must say,
    It is because you modulesgarden existed,
    It make me better.

    Thanks all modulesgarden men and women,
    Having a nice and happy new year.

  12. Todd Bryant

    We are currently testing WHMCS and it wouldn’t have been selected as the platform of choice had it not been for your great modules.
    Since we already provide hosting services your modules for Plesk, Virtuozzo, Openstack and SolidCP all being integrated with the Server Allocator, IP Manager, DNS Manager backed by pdns and Advanced Billing made it an easy decision.

    • We genuinely appreciate your insight on the working of our modules, Todd! Could you let us in on what exactly do you consider to be the biggest advantage of the addons you are using? :)

  13. I’m looking forward to further improvements to Multibrand as I really want to use it.

    Happy new year!

    • Be certain Athlone that cheered up by your sincere encouragement, we will not rest assured until this (as well as all of our modules) meet your every need!

    • What improvements are you looking forward to in particular, Athlone? Submit your wish list in a ticket, I will make sure it is considered in the module’s development schedule, so you can ultimately enjoy its functionality to the fullest.

  14. Sascha

    I’ve purchased “cPanel Extended” & “MultiBrand” and never looked back :-)
    Happy new year to everyone :)

  15. We have installed and tested 22 modules. What we really appreciated is how well they all work together to supercharge WHMCS. My only wish is that there was an auto-update process. Keeping so many modules up-to-date can become a bit of a challenge. However, the positive feedback from the clients is priceless.

    • That is quite an impressive number, George! Hope it will grow even bigger. ;) Could you satisfy our curiosity and let us know what your top 3 favorite modules are? We are perfectly aware of the fact that the upgrade process can be a grueling task when having so many modules, but rest assured – the plans for auto-installation and auto-update are already under consideration!

  16. With a heavy heart we are announcing the final of our thrilling New Year contest. It is a big shame since we had a really great time hearing out your fantastic stories! Thank you all for joining the competition – we are now buckling down to drawing the 3 lucky winners. Keep your eyes wide open for the results which will soon be posted in a separate Blog article!

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