3rd Generation Of Resellers Center For WHMCS

In this day and age, when trends in all manner of spheres, including professional ones, evolve at the speed of light, it is an absolute must for business owners to think ahead, act ahead and stay ahead of the curve. ModulesGarden continues to aid companies in gathering momentum by providing future-proof software capable of matching shifts in demands of clientele.

A perfect example of such is our Resellers Center For WHMCS.

The module has lately been powered with a completely new code and a modern, purely intuitive design, tailored to cope even with the most challenging reselling scenarios. Nearly every feature brought by the 3.0 version has been readjusted in its entirety, both visually and conceptually.

Below we provide a revealing insight into the key areas of this breakthrough advance:

  • The approach to end clients has been defined afresh. All customers acquired by your resellers are now considered regular WHMCS clients and thus are offered far more possibilities, including the one to make payments using their own credit cards.
  • Introduced two different methods for payment collecting from end clients – placing either you or your resellers as the issuer of invoices.
  • The whole Reseller Area available in your WHMCS client area thanks to our module has been completely rewritten and redesigned, giving your resellers a fully featured and intuitive environment for selling your products and services.
  • Resellers have been empowered to brand marketed addons, domains and even invoices.
  • The module now enables you to make automatic and manual payouts directly to resellers PayPal accounts.

It is time to redefine reselling! Are you ready to leap into the future with the third generation of the most popular WHMCS solution for reselling in the world?

Learn More About Version 3.1.0!

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