Developer Outsourcing At Its Best!

To be at the forefront of software houses in the ever-evolving web hosting industry and the leading software development provider for WHMCS means to be alert and willing to constantly improve. We are always ready to make a huge step forward and match even the most sophisticated needs of our customers.

To push the boundaries of business innovation and customer experience, we are excited to announce the commonly known service, but in a completely new form…

Say goodbye to Premium Assistance and say hello to Developer Outsourcing!

We are replacing our Premium Assistance service with a revamped Developer Outsourcing model to fully cope with your expectations. So, what is so special about our new service? Let me shed more light on the matter.

1. How can we help you?

Our Developer Outsourcing offer is dedicated to entrepreneurs who would like to achieve more with their business but simply lack the time and resources necessary to make their plans come true. Simply put, we will take care of any tasks related to software development and system maintenance for you – on a regular basis.

2. How does it work?

We sign a simple contract. Then, we assign to your tasks the most suitable software developers or even the whole team of developers. You decide what and when should be done. We will deal with the rest.

3. What benefits will you get by subscribing?

  • Our software developers will stand ready to assist you without delays
  • Priority technical support and execution of tasks
  • Smooth communication supplied with a bugtracker
  • Direct consulting with web hosting experts (e.g. WHMCS, cPanel, Plesk)
  • Regular updates and maintenance of your system and software
  • Long-term assistance

4. What exactly can we do for you? (Examples)

  • Regular updates of WHMCS/cPanel and modules
  • Custom software modifications
  • Personalized web hosting solutions deployment
  • Cleaning up issues after previous developers/freelancers
  • Fixing problems with outdated environments, scripts and libraries
  • Code optimization and refactoring

5. How is this service different from our custom software development?

Our standard custom software development projects are designed to provide you with certain software solutions one by one. Each project requires an individual discussion, quotation and of course ETA. It is an optimal choice for single, planned in advance tasks like creating a module or modifying a particular system functionality.

Developer Outsourcing is designed to deal with regular, ongoing or unpredictable tasks in the long run. The service offers much more flexibility with formalities reduced to the minimum. Various tasks are executed by our software developers nearly in the real time – just when you need to get job done, without unnecessary delays or waiting for the quotation. What is more, you have the guarantee that we are always there to assist you. We can quickly fix an urgent problem, update your system or software, deploy custom changes, provide you with a priority technical support or simply develop new solutions for you.

Our Developer Outsourcing service will give you that extra edge to reach your goals here and now. It will also let you react accordingly to any unexpected situations to ensure the smooth operation and growth of your business.

Sounds interesting? Do not take our word for it. See what Phillipp Schmedt, Product Manager at ePages says about his recent experience with ModulesGarden:

I can recommend ModulesGarden without any doubt to anyone in need of custom WHMCS development and software developer outsourcing. Both in terms of quality and price we are more than happy. Konrad and his team always provided us with the support needed. It felt like working with in-house developers even though they were 100s of kilometers away. It has always been fun and a pleasure to work with ModulesGarden and we are really thankful for the amazing support they provided to us.

As you can see, our best software developers are waiting to set your dream projects in motion. Visit our new website and learn how we can help your business spread the wings!

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  1. So, how does it actually work, this dev outsourcing? What does it cost and what’s in the contract?

    • In a nutshell, Developer Outscourcing is a monthly service whereby our developer is engaged with your projects on a continuous basis. The pricing and spectrum of performed tasks are flexible, correlated closely to your individual needs and requirements.

      Our specialists at the Support Team remain at your entire disposal should you wish to discuss this subject further.

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