How To Increase Your Sales And Popularity – According To OpenSRS

Every IT company with no exceptions seeks to achieve the greatest revenue and popularity. Goal is usually well-known but not the way to its achievement. What is interesting, we are confident that we know what to do to enhance results of our companies. We often improve our current services or reduce the prices to adapt to the competition. But can not we do something more?

See what kind of approach to the situation has Mike Levine – Product Manager at OpenSRS.

In dynamically changing industry the improvement of existing services is very important. If you do not want to go out of circulation, you need to constantly adapt to rapidly changing customer needs and current trends. But with all this improvement you shouldn’t forget about offering something new, something amazing, something which your competition does not have.

Upgrading old and offering new – this is the way to success. One way to offer customers new services may be the creation of sophisticated and tailored to the specific needs of the client modules. Properly thought out and well made modules will increase your sales, popularity and broaden the range of services offered.

Mike Levine – Product Manager at OpenSRS knows it well. See how he described our cooperation in creating modules and its effects:

“One of our goals this year at OpenSRS was to do a better job at integrating our products with our resellers’ billing platforms. We worked with ModulesGarden to rewrite our WHMCS Domains module to provide a better experience for our resellers and their end users when registering and managing domains. In addition, we also worked with ModulesGarden to develop modules for our SSL, GoMobi, SiteLock, TrustE, and GeoTrust Anti-Malware products. We’ve seen significant interest from resellers who are excited to be able to sell multiple products from a single vendor and many of our resellers have already integrated these modules into their existing WHMCS system, providing them with additional revenue streams.”

Nothing more and nothing less. As you can see, it is worth to improve existing services and offer new ones.

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  1. Antonio

    Hi, finally those good news, I have asked more times around to develop these modules, why not include Email Services provisioning module ?

  2. Ken

    While OpenSRS goals are noble, the way they are handling DomainPro module leaves much to be desired. It seems they are treating it as an after-thought that actual tool.

    We installed and deleted it because the ReadMe instruction file is at best confusing, no clear information on which domains are available for resell, the domain spinner which ought to be the main selling point is not working and having two OpenSRS modules on WHMCS didn’t just make sense.

    We will love to see more effort made to bring this to perfection.

    • Mike

      Hi Ken,

      I’m sorry for the issues you’re experiencing with Domains Pro. We are actively developing it and want to hear from our resellers (including yourself) how we can improve it or where you’re finding it confusing.

      Can you please get in touch with us (help AT and let us know what we can do to make the experience better.

  3. Denny

    I have to agree with Ken, I have worked with Mike Levine in the past without much success with any of the OpenSRS modules, I was hoping that it would be different now that ModulesGarden is involved. I tried the domains pro again but no success again.

    The “domain spinner” or domain suggestion and Premium Domains have to be included, those are the features that will allow resellers to offer better domain services. We really need those features.


    • Hi Denny,

      Thank you for your opinion, it is much appreciated.
      We worked entirely on SSL, GoMobi, SiteLock, TrustE, and GeoTrust Anti-Malware products. If it goes for OpenSRS Premium Domains (OpenSRS Domains Pro), we are only helping with development of some functionalities and bug fixes.

      I am sure that OpenSRS will find a suitable solution. I highly recommend to contact with Mike first, so most probably we will be able to help in this matter.

  4. john

    Mike, what is the status of the module for integrating email to whmcs? if not anytime soon how much would it cost to get put together?

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