WHMCS V6.0 Compatibility

The long-awaited WHMCS V6.0 is finally here! It has been released and we are only too eager to jump at all opportunities that it opens up to us. The enhanced system functionality creates for our team a new path to innovation and further development of our creativity. We are more than ready to take on fresh challenges!

First and foremost, we are working with the highest diligence on the compatibility between our products and the new system. The list of our modules that support WHMCS V6.0 will grow longer each day! We have added V6 label in the Products tab on our website to let you easily check whether given module has been already updated. Additionally, we will post regular announcements on that matter in social media so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Once all products are compatible with the newest WHMCS, we are going to focus on fresh, modern and user-friendly modules interface. The same interface that you can already admire in cPanel Extended For WHMCS 2.6 and Zimbra Email For WHMCS 1.2. In the final result, we would like to allow you to choose from several templates within one module!

Your support is now more than welcome. We encourage you to report any issues or irregularities as well as inform us what we can do to make WHMCS V6.0 fit your individual needs better. We are always open to your feedback!

Now we need to get back to work. We have plenty of modules to update!

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  1. Ahmed

    Thank you for the diligent commitment to supporting such great products!

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